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  Sharpens like a knife..., December 11, 2010
Sharpens like a knife but without needing quite as steady hands.
I've seen many artists who will only sharpen like this or with a knife.

Not sure why anyone would give 1 star since it does what it says it will do.
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  i haven't bought the..., November 28, 2010
By mus...
i haven't bought the product but im planning on getting it,
reply to the last review : i cut my pencil's like this too, except with scissors, there's nothing wrong with the way it is cut, i actually prefer cutting my pencil's like that (:
but yeah. i does look like a potato peeler xD
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  This is an excellent..., November 21, 2012
This is an excellent artist pencil knife. It’s a lot safer then using an xacto knife and cheaper then some of the knives you would buy at an artist supply shop.
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  This just does not work..., October 30, 2010
By L.c...
This just does not work as a sharpener, working only as well as a potato peeler would. Looking closely at the images of the knife on the site the crudeness and blunt pencil can be seen.