Sun-Star Safety Pencil Knife - Yellow

Sun-Star Safety Pencil Knife - Yellow

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If you like your wooden pencil sharpened just right, sometimes you need to take matters into your own hands. Softer pencil lead grades often need a broader point while harder pencil lead grades need a sharper, longer point. A standard pencil sharpener can miss these subtleties and create a lot of waste. Previously, one would have to use a blade or knife to sharpen a wooden pencil to just the right length for ideal writing performance. This Sun-Star Safety Pencil Knife makes the experience much more comfortable and safe with its convenient plastic grip and blade shield. Those who have steady hands who sharpen their pencils this way will love it.

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Love the color of this...
January 19, 2015
Verified Purchase
Love the color of this pencil knife. I've never used one before so when I first tried it out, I wasn't using it correctly, so I had to go back to the pictures to do it properly. If you're looking for a quick sharpen, this isn't for you. Maybe it's because I'm still trying to get the hang of using this knife, but I find that it's easier to sharpen pencils that were once sharp, while new unsharpened pencils were a but trickier. The tip of the pencil once sharpened will be dull and not sharp like if you sharpened with a regular sharpener. You could sharpen the tip by running the blade back and forth on it, but that just leaves a mess of graphite on your hands and on the back of the knife.
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