TWSBI Vac20A Ink Bottle - 20 ml - Black

TWSBI Vac20A Ink Bottle - 20 ml - Black

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This travel-size inkwell holds 20 ml of fountain pen ink and is specially designed for use with TWSBI Vac700 and Vac Mini fountain pens. Normally, the vacuum filling mechanism of the Vac700 and Vac Mini fills the ink chamber about two-thirds full. This is a major improvement in ink capacity over a typical cartridge/converter pen, but the special design of this Vac20A ink bottle lets you fill these pens with even more ink, up to the maximum capacity of the ink chamber.

To use with a TWSBI Vac fountain pen:

  • Unscrew the translucent colored cap if filling a Vac Mini and both the colored cap and the gray plastic adapter if filling a Vac700.
  • While holding the bottle upright, uncap the pen and screw it into the bottle. This will form an ink-tight seal between the pen and bottle.
  • Turn the pen and bottle upside-down, so that the nib is facing upward and the ink in the bottle is pooling around the nib.
  • Unscrew the piston knob of the pen and pump the piston 1–2 times to fill the ink chamber completely.
  • Turn the pen and ink bottle over again so that the ink is resting on the bottom of the ink bottle, then unscrew the pen from the bottle and recap the bottle.
  • Use a clean paper towel to wipe off excess ink from the nib and grip section.
  • Recap the pen, or go ahead and start writing!

The bottle can also be used to fill other pens that used bottled fountain pen ink. To do so, simply unscrew the large black cap, fill the pen from the bottle, and recap the bottle.

The cap of the Vac20A also fits on the TWSBI Diamond 50 Ink Bottles!

Ink is not included.

Also pictured: TWSBI Vac Mini Fountain Pen, TWSBI Vac700 Fountain Pen, TWSBI Diamond 50 Ink Bottle - Silver, Pilot Iroshizuku Ink - Tsuki-yo, J. Herbin Ink - Stormy Grey.

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