Tachikawa Calligraphy Pen Nib - Type C (Sharp) - 2 mm - Pack of 2

Tachikawa Calligraphy Pen Nib - Type C (Sharp) - 2 mm - Pack of 2

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This is a pack of 2 Type C 2 mm nibs only. The nib body is available separately.

Comic nibs are famous for producing strong and crisp lines that are difficult to duplicate with pens and brushes. They are great for creating detail in drawings. Varying nib sizes are available to suit your drawing needs. Each nib should be used with a wooden body holder.

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I wanted to order Tachikawa...
April 13, 2014
Verified Purchase
I wanted to order Tachikawa nibs for long as they do differ from the ones I have used previously. Yes, they are expensive plus I had to add the cost for sipping but hey, money is for spending.

The nibs have pluses and minuses:

- A big and definite plus is its capacity to hold ink - due to its design it really is giving a whole row of writing with the same dip of ink. Good, when you really have to focus on line and design.

- For some reason the two nibs that i got both were scratchy and took some polishing and finishing with a special file. It was not what i expect for this cost and for the image those nibs advertise
- I also have to agree with a previous review on the fact that not each ink would flow easily and even some high quality calligraphy inks for nibs do not work with those nibs. The nibs work fine with fountain pen inks which are designed to flow more easily in general

- One of the weird things with those nibs was that they oxygenate very easily - the upper yellow metal part. And they are complicated to clean afterwards due to its engineering and design - it holds good amount on ink and parts of this "good amount" still l remain as a residue inside. I am very careful with my tools but was occasionally surprised when i discovered that previous ink melted out in a new use.

I keep looking for perfect nibs for my taste. The design of those nibs is good if you are looking for high capacity ink holder, almost like automatic pen already but the nib itself could be smoother and more responsive.
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Very high quality nib....
August 26, 2010
Verified Purchase
Very high quality nib. These nibs hold a good deal of ink and are excellent for Uncial and similar hands. Cost is more than most nibs, but you are getting a very high quality product. Thank you JetPens for carrying these!
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This nib did not work...
September 18, 2013
Verified Purchase
This nib did not work for me. It would not lay down ink unless pressing very hard - and then it would just leave a big puddle.