Tachikawa Comic Nib Fountain Pen - School Model Nib - Extra Fine - Black Ink

Tachikawa Comic Nib Fountain Pen - School Model Nib - Extra Fine - Black Ink

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The pen is intended for frequent use. If the pen is not used for two weeks or more, it will dry up. If it dries up, please soak the tip in water to revive it. If the pen is dry for more than three weeks, it will be permanently damaged.

The Tachikawa fountain pen is a world-famous tool among anime artists. This fountain pen style drawing pen has a tip and look similar to the Copic Drawing Pen, except it's refillable. The pen has a stainless steel tip perfect for inking and drawing. Black or sepia waterproof ink refill cartridges available. Insert ink cartridges when pen is facing down.

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Wow. 0_0 Wow wow wow.......
November 23, 2010
Verified Purchase
Wow. 0_0 Wow wow wow.... amazingly thin with good flow. easy to use too. Just that some people tend to put too much pressure which is needed for some pens so that the ink flows better. BUT this pen, u don't need heavy pressure to get good flow. The ink comes naturally even when u lighty tap or touch paper. Because the tip/nib is very-wow-fine, the metal tip/nib is thin and like every thin metal it can bend if u try to kill the paper by knifing it but in serious means, the tip is fairly strong 4 it being so thin. I'm usually hard on pens and break my plastic mechanical pencils but I'm doing great with this. Just try it. Totally recommended. I rarely give 5 stars but this pen is so amazing so I just have to. If u r a heavy poke-holes-through-paper pen user and tend to break ur 0.7 mm mechanical pencil led everytime u use it, then get the fine tip version instead.
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This pen has become my...
September 25, 2010
Verified Purchase
This pen has become my favorite pen. If you are an illustrator or just like sketching in pen this is a really nice pen to use. It has a good flow and a lot of character in the lines. I will probably be using this for a very long time.
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Btw dip tip in warm water...
November 24, 2010
Verified Purchase
Btw dip tip in warm water b4 and after each use and wipe the tip with dry napkins help a great deal. If u plan 2 not in use it 4 more than 2 weeks then remove ink cartilage and wash the tip or nib with hot water at least 3 times and wipe in dry. U can put rest of ink cartilage wrapped in plasti wrap and in zipbag 2 keep it from drying. This way u don't have to worry about the ink drying and ruining your pen when u take long break from it. don't leave pen's tip/nib dirty with ink and uncleaned for 2 weeks or more even if your not using it. Read warning in product description.
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March 22, 2010
Verified Purchase
GET THE FINE TIP THE EXTRA FINE'S TIP IS TOO FRAGILE!! I got both the fine and extra fine tip comic nib fountain pens but within 2 days the extra fine one crapped out on me. If you need a finer line just get a something around .2 mm or so.
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Tried everything, couldn't...
September 9, 2011
Tried everything, couldn't get it to stay consistent after the first 3 days of use. Scratches paper up into the nib constantly and gunks up quickly.
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