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Really sturdy and great...
October 4, 2013
Really sturdy and great nibs.
I get a lot of different link thicknesses with these and three will last quite a long time.
Very happy with these results.
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This is nib is great...
December 4, 2014
Verified Purchase
This is nib is great and if your adjustable, which you are as most humans, teaches you quickly how to draw more stable. This is coming from a shakey person. :)

Dealt with pen pressure for thin/thickness it also gives you hand more control.
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Great nibs. They have...
October 30, 2014
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Great nibs. They have a good flow to them. Nice line variance with pressure.
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this pen makes thin lines...
October 16, 2014
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this pen makes thin lines really easily, but thick lines too. my favorite pen by far. the only little problem is that if you use the pen sideways, the line is a bit shaky.
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they are wonderful nibs...
September 16, 2013
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they are wonderful nibs great for my line work and they work good for regular computer paper. but i still need more practice with traditional manga inking
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The Tachikawa G-pen is...
November 18, 2015
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The Tachikawa G-pen is amazing. The lines are as neat as they get, the flow is magnificent, it slides very smoothly on the paper and the flexibility is impressive for such a sturdy pen. Pure quality and perfect for manga and comic art. As a quick tip, do make sure to clean it with alcohol if you use it with waterproof ink, otherwise not only can it rust faster but also the lines will start to become thicker than intended (nearly like a marker) and the feel will be rougher, so do take good care of it.
Good quality, good price,...
September 25, 2015
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Good quality, good price, nice ink flow, great line variation. Superb design, it's a classic.
These work great. I...
August 9, 2015
Verified Purchase
These work great. I bought them to use with a Tachikawa Comic Pen Nib Holder mostly to use a dip pen when writing in my ink log. Works great for that purpose! I cannot comment on how it does with comics, as I"m not much of an artist. As a dip pen, I can I highly recommend the nibs and nib holder.
Item is as described...
August 6, 2015
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Item is as described so far.
Great variation in lines,...
July 21, 2015
Verified Purchase
Great variation in lines, from hair-width to about 3-4mm wide. It feels sturdy, and lasts a long time with proper care. I find I like the Zebra G nibs a bit more--these ones feel just a bit less springy to my hand.
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