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  Much better than the..., August 16, 2011
Much better than the cheap Speedball pen nib holder I used to have. It is a pleasure to draw with this, coupled with a G nib. I find the shape and size quite ergonomic, maybe that is why I enjoy holding it. The nibs fit in much better too. But my once gripe is that since the rubber thing is white, it gets dirty so fast, especially when working with black ink. I suppose, more maintenance and cleaning required.
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  feels really good in..., August 16, 2010
feels really good in the hands really good stable movement with the nib and i like that wood finish well done tachikawa
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  I use one of these from..., July 17, 2009
I use one of these from time to time when I use my nibs and I enjoy it a fair bit. The rubber can be cleaned pretty easily with a tooth brush and it's got enough cushion to it so my fingers don't hurt.

I tried it with some of my other nibs and they didn't seem to stay in place with this holder, kept falling out. But I haven't tried it with any speedball nibs yet.
  Just got this pen holder..., October 10, 2013
By man...
Just got this pen holder in the mail yesterday! So far its been perfect except for the problem that the white grip gets very dirty. Other than that, its very comfortable, in both the width of the holder, and the cushion!
  Tachikawa nib holders..., August 2, 2013
Tachikawa nib holders are just really nice. Get a dozen.
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  I recently ordered this..., November 20, 2012
I recently ordered this item and haven't recieved it yet, but judging by the reviews on youtube, the fact that this is a holder for the maru pen and pen, and the reviews on this website this is an all around exe lent pen holder.