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March 13, 2011
this is a great holder....
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this is a great holder. the cap makes it very easy to take it somewhere withought damaging your nib or whatever you carry it in. (which is good for me because i just randomly carry things around in my jacket pocket) It holds things securely, a little too well to the point where it sometimes hurts when i have to pull out my g pen nib. great holder and the inner ring is a good feature if you dont have the 25.

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April 18, 2011
A lovely penholder, especially...
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A lovely penholder, especially for those (like me) who have a heavy hand and a tense grip. The cap is a great addition, enabling me to carry it away from the studio but also to just protect it when not in use. The support for two different-sized nibs is great, though I ended up ordering two holders and I switch back and forth between pen sizes-- true to other reviews, it can be difficult sometimes to pull the nibs out. Which isn't a bad thing, I would rather have to tug on my nibs to get them out than have them fall out mid-drawing.

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November 2, 2011
Best holder out there!...
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Best holder out there! It's a pleasure to use and has a great balance and weight in the hand. I won't use any other holder for my Tank Masters.

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October 6, 2009
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AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!! I have used pen holders for over 20 years and this is like going from a donkey cart to a rocket!! The comfort, the ease and security of the nib collar and a CAP!!!! Please, Jetpens, you must carry thousands of these!!! For all you comickers our there this is the best nib holder EVER!!!! The rubber collar holding your nib actually gives you a bit more give, easing your hand and giving your lines more expressiveness - without the nib falling out on you! Did I mention the CAP?!!


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November 13, 2011
this one had a cap on...
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this one had a cap on it so its better than other pen holders!

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December 5, 2009
Great pen holder. The...
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Great pen holder. The grip is comfortable, its well balanced, and the cap - which secures tightly and hasn't ever come off despite being jumbled around in my bookbag - makes it easy to transport your nibs without fear of damaging them. However, this pen holder only really fits Tachikawa (and Nikko) nibs. Brause and Speedball nibs can work in it, but its difficult to clean them without pulling out them out. The Zebra G nib easily slips out while you're drawing...

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July 26, 2013
I thought this was going...
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I thought this was going to be a lot bigger and I wish it was (I like it that way) but is isn't. Not a big deal though. The cap can fit in the back like in the picture but beware that it is not secured it is a loose fit. The cap fits tightly on top where the nib is though. Warning: Don't leave your nib in this holder just because you have a cap. Clean your nib first and dry them then you can put it in there for travel and security if you want. What I like about the rubber holder is that it is secure and you can still take the nib out for cleaning. Unlike my old holder which was plastic I think the nib was stuck there and hard to remove. Even though I cleaned the tip started to rust at the part where I couldn't pull out

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March 10, 2011
Though it can hold multiple...
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Though it can hold multiple types of nibs, I prefer using it for precision G and Tama pens and in contrast prefer to use the Tachikawa-25 for the small Maru/Round pen nibs.

It has a balanced feel to in in terms of weight and it's size perfectly fits my hands. The grip is helpful, but I end up holding it lower anyway. The cap is really helpful for storage and transport specially if you like using these pens for work, classes or just want to draw on the go.

Tachikawa's line on holders are amazing for their idea of being able to hold variable pen sizes all around. Most likely the choice is all in preference, since their holders are high quality.

*if only they made a double-sided manga pen holder* wink-wink..

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February 8, 2011
Very, very good holder!...
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Very, very good holder! It works great on tachikawa nikko and zebra nibs!

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December 29, 2010
Looks as great as it...
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Looks as great as it functions. I bought most of the Zebra pen nibs with this holder (G, Tama, and School. All chrome versions) and none of them fall out while using. The cap secures nicely on both ends.

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