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  Nice, not light and hollow,..., January 2, 2014
By cos...
Nice, not light and hollow, and the weight is directed towards the tip so that the maru nib can fit in and drawing pressure is smoother. Overall, the best round pen nib holder out there.
The thinner it is, the easier it is to draw details.

The only problem is that the maru nib is easy to put on, but difficult to pull off.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  Good holder. Holds the..., June 14, 2013
Good holder. Holds the nib REALLY well, so well that its so difficult to remove( which is a good thing). But in my opinion, its a little shorter than expected( not to mention its diameter is smaller than that of a regular pencil). It just needs some getting used to only then can you experience it magic.
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  Flipping buy this. Even..., July 23, 2011
Flipping buy this. Even if you don't use dip pins but need to spend a little more to hit that free shipping, just buy this, I love it, I love holding it, I haven't even used it, but just by the feel of it I know it's epic, It has a nice weight to it unlike EVERY other one I've ever put in my hands. it's neat, and can't be beat by those cheeply made ones you find in art stores.
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  Awesome. Best holder..., September 23, 2010
Awesome. Best holder for small nibs. 5 stars and more
  I own several round pen..., May 28, 2014
I own several round pen nib holders. This is by far the most trustworthy of my pen holders. It is impossible to break, holds nibs securely, and allows for fantastic precision. It is made of a rather hard material that can tire your hands if used for extended amounts of time, and it is very thin which could be a problem for someone with large hands. Nothing can really compare to it though. Wood pen holders are prone to splitting and can lose their firm grip on nibs with extended use as the varnish wears off of them. This pen holder suffers from none of these faults because of it's great design.
  This is by far my favorite..., February 7, 2013
This is by far my favorite holder for fine line nibs. I love the way it looks. I love the way it feels when held and I love how easy to carry it is! All round a great nib holder to own. You won't be disappointed.
  Unfortunately, the holder..., January 19, 2013
By ste...
Unfortunately, the holder was actually too small for the nibs (Tachikawa Comic Pen Nib - Mapping Model - Soft Type - Pack of 2) that I bought with it. I was really excited, but I cannot use it. If you are buying the same nibs that are suggested with this product, I would buy the [Zebra Comic Pen Nib Holder for Round Model Nibs].
  I love the small size..., October 7, 2012
By dea...
I love the small size of this nib holder to larger ones, great for small detail work. The weight is a nice touch and feels really comfortable in my fingers. I wish smaller nib holders were made for the other nibs as well! Oddly enough, I tend to get hand cramps when I hold something larger than the average pen size, lol. So the small size of this works in my favour. Also, the colour is very pretty.
  Love the color and it..., November 2, 2011
Love the color and it truly is a nice holder! It's a specialty holder, but one that will be enjoyed nevertheless.