Tachikawa Comic Pen Nib - Japanese Model - Pack of 10

Tachikawa Comic Pen Nib - Japanese Model - Pack of 10

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Pack of 10 regular nibs only. Nib body available separately.

Finally, you can get all of your comic nibs in one place! JetPens is proud to bring the Tachikawa comic nib and pen line to our customers. Comic nibs are famous for producing strong and crisp lines that are difficult to duplicate with pens and brushes. They are great for creating detail in drawings. Varying nib sizes are available to suit your drawing needs. Each nib should be used with a wooden body holder.

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To not make this review...
June 20, 2011
To not make this review too long, I'll get to the point:

Smooth, the line varies in a thin measure (it looks different but doesn't get to be as thick as the G-pen or some other pens), it holds a lot of ink and the line remains constant and neat without any problem. Although I've read in descriptions and so that it's special for writing, I use it for drawing and I get amazing results.

I recommend it, and although many people give a lot of credit to the G-pen, I personally prefer this one. I works great for making: characters, dialogue balloons, writing, speed lines... well, everything except light effects, for those you need a G-pen or a Maru (round) pen.

Now, my words are not law, I can't guarantee that you will like it as much as I do; in the end, everything depends on the artist rather than the tool.
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