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To not make this review...
June 20, 2011
To not make this review too long, I'll get to the point:

Smooth, the line varies in a thin measure (it looks different but doesn't get to be as thick as the G-pen or some other pens), it holds a lot of ink and the line remains constant and neat without any problem. Although I've read in descriptions and so that it's special for writing, I use it for drawing and I get amazing results.

I recommend it, and although many people give a lot of credit to the G-pen, I personally prefer this one. I works great for making: characters, dialogue balloons, writing, speed lines... well, everything except light effects, for those you need a G-pen or a Maru (round) pen.

Now, my words are not law, I can't guarantee that you will like it as much as I do; in the end, everything depends on the artist rather than the tool.
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