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  I've been looking for..., October 15, 2012
I've been looking for a nib to replace the Hunt 102 crowquill, which has degraded in quality to the point of uselessness. The Tachikawa T-77 is not only a good replacement, it's a step up. I use a flexible nib (Hunt 108) for my "big" lines, but the T-77 is perfect for finer lines, especially because it has a VERY controlled bounce. Very strong nib, very impressed, and it's increased my enjoyment of inking tenfold.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  ok product. because its..., January 25, 2011
By mzr...
ok product. because its soft it can make some uncontrolled lines unless you are just skimming the page. but it still makes the thin lines you need, plus 2 for a total of 4 nibs is cheaper and better than the thank master version.
  Super fine lines to the..., July 22, 2014
Super fine lines to the max! And they offer a wide range of line widths as well, but in a very controlled fashion. A bit pricey, but these are a lot better than my Hunt ones, so I'll gladly take them at (almost) any price!
  I love these so much!!!! I..., October 10, 2013
By man...
I love these so much!!!!
I can get very very fine lines, and very thick lines all while having perfect control! They also seem very sturdy, I tend to scratch the paper a lot, and unlike some other nibs i ave, none have broken!
  I have the tank master,..., September 14, 2013
By kvn...
I have the tank master, the soft pack and the regular maru nibs. These are bigger but they are more flexible for sure then the other maru type. Both can create nice thin lines, it's just the other one requires more pressure to get the ink flowing. The tank master looks exactly like the other version except it has a small reservoir.
  Nibs that I got were..., May 9, 2013
By por...
Nibs that I got were chrome but the ones listed are copper, I don't know, label on the nibs package seemed to be correct but they were just larger versions of the hard nib, really not that flexible at all.
Problem with chrome crow quill nibs is that they don't flex like a 102 and will just pierce the paper, really don't like these nibs.