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February 6, 2011
The Tank Master nibs...
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The Tank Master nibs are a very nice alternative to standard crow quill nibs. They're excellent for detail drawing on bristol, and they hold lots of ink. They fit the model 36/40 Tachikawa pen holders, which is a plus, as these are much more comfortable to work with than the little plastic pen holders from Hunt.

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November 2, 2011
I have changed my opinion...
Verified Purchase
I have changed my opinion to rate it a bit higher, I have used these more, I have really begun to respect them and appreciate how much ink they really do hold in comparison to a standard dip pen. If the folks at Tachikawa can use the same reservoir on an equally flexible but less scratchy nib,....I would buy their entire inventory!!!!
C'mon Tachikawa,'re so close to the perfection on this!!!

NOTE: The nibs are indeed flexy, but still a bit scratchy for my taste. The ink capacity is fantastic with the right ink!!!

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April 11, 2011
I only use dip pens for...
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I only use dip pens for writing because I'm fickle about ink color. The tank master nibs hold a surprising amount of ink. (I was able to fill out a page from my exacompta lined journal with it.) My only complaint is how scratchy the nib is. Before cleaning it, I noticed it had paper fibers stuck in it. Still, it's great to be able to write for so long continuously.

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July 22, 2010
This nib is not what...
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This nib is not what I had hoped for. It held a fair amount of ink,....but not nearly as much as I was lead to believe. The biggest disappointment was the scratchiness of the point.
It was painful to use on anything other than specially coated board.

The point was way to fine and didn't have much flex due to the reservoir being so close to the tips.

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