Tombow 2558 Pencil - HB

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This Tombow HB pencil is a standard pencil with a very traditional appearance, suited for general writing use. The high-quality eraser erases well, does not harden, and does not leave eraser shavings all over your work. The lead blocks light well, so that anything drawn or written with this pencil looks clear in photocopies and scans. If you're feeling nostalgic for simpler times, just holding this pencil will take you back to your childhood. This pencil comes unsharpened.
Model NumberTOMBOW 2558-HB
Weight0.2 ounces
Body Color Yellow
Body Shape Hexagonal
Color Set No
Diameter - Max 7.8 mm
Eraser Included Yes
Eraser Refillable No
Lead Color Black
Lead Hardness HB
Lead Type Graphite
Length - Body 18.9 cm
Usage Student

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Very fine pencil for...
March 22, 2015
Verified Purchase
Very fine pencil for every day use.
As with my experience...
December 27, 2014
Verified Purchase
As with my experience with this pencil's H-hardness sibling, the wood seems brittle. The wood tends to chip or rip rather than smoothly be shaven off. (Of all the pencils I've used with this sharpener, this is the first pencil to do this.)

The general appearance of the pencil is disturbingly like the classic yellow #2 pencils. When compared to its H-hardness sibling, its finish is better with consistent enamel and well-lain stamps. It does have a bit of an "upgraded feel" to the #2 pencil.

The eraser does not work as well on the HB as it does on the H. With HB, the eraser leaves ghosting. This is another eraser that will work in a pinch, but would probably leave the paper muddled otherwise. The eraser has poor durability as well.

This pencil's softness is more suited to my pressure during writing, which is light from years of fountain pen use. On the whole, the lead does have some bite to it, but not all that much -- about on par with many other pencils. The lead does not keep a point for all that long, but the draft of this post was written with only one sharpening. The lead is harder than its Mono cousin of the same grade; but despite this, it appears darker and keeps its point longer. When compared to the Mitsubishi 9850 (HB), it is also darker under pressure. The order ends up being: 2558, Mono, then 9850.

In regards to usability, something is "off" about it. It doesn't scream "Write!" or "Draw!" to me. Maybe it is the unnerving similarity to the yellow #2 pencil and the associated hours of drudgery, but it generally doesn't "feel" inspirational. While on the whole it is a good pencil, it won't be in my rotation due to this last quality.
This pencil is great...
November 27, 2014
Verified Purchase
This pencil is great to just get it over with. The line is pretty dark and it's very resistant to dulling quickly and breaking but, i do sharpen them pretty carefully. Great pencil to take notes for long periods of time me being a student. I recommend it.