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June 28, 2012
Fun pencil accessory...
Verified Purchase
Fun pencil accessory to round up your stationery fix. The caps naturally protect pencil points from breaking or accidentally stabbing you. Their interlocking feature proved useful for grouping pencils of similar height together and keeping a large pencil case well-organized. Joining 16 caps together in a 3X4 or 4X4 grid created a pretty stable and unique-looking pencil stand. The caps can also work as pencil extenders. My first impression is that these interlocking pencil caps are a pretty fun, useful, and versatile pencil accessory for kids and wooden pencil enthusiasts.

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June 1, 2013
I couldn't figure out...
Verified Purchase
I couldn't figure out exactly why I needed these until I had them in my hands. What a neat little thing! Makes pencils easier to organize and find, saving time and satisfying my OCD! They can also be used to stand pencils upright on your desk. And bonus, I noticed they fit my beloved Akashiya thin line brush pens (and probably a few other pens), so I'm getting more of these right meow! For $1.65, you can't go wrong. Get these!

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February 6, 2013
I use these to help keep...
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I use these to help keep my pencil case a little bit cleaner. So far, so good. It even fits over a square pencil I have (!!).

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