Tombow Irojiten Color Dictionary Color Pencil Set - 30 Color Set (Tones: Pale II + Deep II & Light Grayish I)

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"Irojiten" is the Japanese expression for color (iro) encyclopedia (jiten) or dictionary. Perfect for collectors, the Irojiten is a luxurious and complete color pencil collection with an outstanding look and feel. The pencils are packaged in book-like cases that make the set look like an elegant color encyclopedia Tombow is already famous for their wooden pencils, and this set exemplifies their skill and experience with an impressive 90 unique color line available in 3 Irojiten color sets. The pencils feature an off-white finish with colored ends that match their lead color. The packaging and the high quality of the product line made it an all-time classic in Japan.

Available in three different, uniquely sorted color sets (3 books of ten colors totaling 30 colors per edition).

Volume 4 Pale Tone 2 includes the colors: rose pink, apricot, gamboge yellow, straw yellow, spring green, mint green, turquoise, celeste blue, hyacinth blue, crocus. Volume 5 Deep Tone 2 includes the colors: plum, maroon, terra-cotta, bamboo, mustard, moss green, cactus green, spruce, teal blue, indigo. Volume 6 Light Grayish Tone includes the colors: fawn, cork, sallow, wax yellow, Willow, mist green, quartz green, porcelain blue, capanula blue, sea fog.

Weight13.0 ounces
Body Color White
Body Shape Circular
Color Set Yes
Diameter - Max 7.6 mm
Eraser Included No
Eraser Refillable No
Gift Set Yes
Lead Color Rose Pink, Apricot, Gamboge Yellow, Straw Yellow, Spring Green, Mint Green, Turquoise, Celeste Blue, Hyacinth Blue, Crocus, Plum, Maroon, Terra-Cotta, Bamboo, Mustard, Moss Green, Cactus Green, Spruce, Teal Blue, Indigo, Fawn, Cork, Sallow, Wax Yellow, Willow, Mist Green, Quartz Green, Porcelain Blue, Capanula Blue, Sea Fog
Lead Type Color
Length - Body 17.7 cm
PEFC-Certified No
Usage Artist

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These pencils are really...
December 3, 2011
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These pencils are really beautiful and definitely high quality. The packaging is creative and actually quite functional, as well. The collection is large - 30 pencils - but it's easy to carry when presented in this 'book' format. The hues are by turns rich and subtle, just as advertised. I can easily see myself getting all 3 sets and having a complete set for sketches.
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