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While a lot of folks...
August 23, 2010
While a lot of folks are fawning over the Hi-Uni, I have to say these are among my new favorite pencils. For a while I've been looking at darker pencils to use for writing heavier text (headers, etc) in my notes. At first I gave the Hi-Uni B a shot, and then the Uni Penmanship Pencil in 4B (carried by JetPens at the time of this writing), then this one. While the 4B Mitsubishi is quite an impressive instrument and is exceedingly smooth and dark with minimal pressure, it wears down quickly and the marks are rather smudgable. I was a bit surprised at how fragile the Hi-Uni B was; almost every time I wrote a "ping na" stroke in a Chinese character, the tip would snap from the extra pressure. It was getting really maddening, and I didn't have much hope for the Mono 100 in 2B. However, my fears were misplaced as the Tombow has excellent point durability, and did not break a single time in dozens of characters. It does of course wear down faster than an HB, but is quite dark and rather smooth. I think perhaps it gives up a little bit of the slipperiness of the Hi-Uni on some papers, but then it seems equally smooth or even a little smoother on some other papers, and the gains in precision and point durability are nothing to scoff at.

Truly a marvelous writing implement, and I think I'll need to get more of them.
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Have now purchased a...
December 11, 2011
Verified Purchase
Have now purchased a range of Mono 100s; 2B, 3B, and 4B. They are all of very high quality and used principally for writing. Having perused this range I've been able to zero in on the 3B as the preferred sweet spot because: dark and clear lines, reasonably smudge free, and while they do require more sharpening than compared to say, an HB, there's a nice, strong cedar aroma reminding you why you like cedar pencils. Thanks Jetpens.
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Pencil Snob
Beautiful pencils. I've...
October 24, 2012
Verified Purchase
Beautiful pencils. I've had issues with the quality of other wood pencils before - either the lead is too fragile or the wood is too cheap and splinters or breaks. It holds a good tip, the lead won't break unless you put quite a bit of force on it, and while the lead can still smudge it won't ruin your paper like most B type pencils will. The case is actually pretty high quality and I can see myself using it long after the pencils have been whittled down to nubs.

I've found the 2bs might be a tad too soft for general sketching while being a little too hard for animation clean up, so you'll probably want to buy the variety pack first if you don't have a specific use in mind. However, despite these small issues, they've already replaced all the pencils (mechanical and wooden) in my pencil case. I would highly recommend that any hobbyist or professional artist should get a chance to try these out once.
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Tombow Mono 100 are...
July 15, 2011
Verified Purchase
Tombow Mono 100 are one of the best wooden case pencils for writing, sketching and drawing, which many artists and animators truly appreciate and love. When you lay the graphite on a piece of paper, it makes your work look like a true masterpiece. Japan makes some of the highest quality and top notch pencils in the world today,especially their graphite. These pencils are a true craftsmanship and they are absolutely beautiful. A work of art and a true masterpiece. These are world class quality pencils that I will always cherish and love for the rest of my life. Jetpens,you are truly amazing and remarkable. I will always be a lifetime customer. Thank You, M. Keith Brummett
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Beautiful pencils - superb...
March 26, 2015
Verified Purchase
Beautiful pencils - superb display - sharpen perfectly - smooth graphite - great color (shaft, graphite) - would definitely buy again!!
Do these come in 12 packs...
October 24, 2010
Do these come in 12 packs of 6 or 2 packs of 6?
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