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March 3, 2011
Fantastic!! this and...
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Fantastic!! this and the HB are both of my favorite pencils for writing. What can be said that hasn't already been said. Smoothe, point retention and non-scratchy are on my list or requirements which both pencils meet. And of course, Thank you to JetPens for having these pencils availble.

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December 25, 2014
Tombow Mono 100 is the...
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Tombow Mono 100 is the highest graphite pencil line from one of the two legendary premium Japanese pencil brands (the other would be Mitsubishi Hi-Uni), and it's packaged accordingly in an outstanding plastic case with a hinged lid. The pencils themselves feature a thick black varnish coat with the unique white vertical stripe on its endcap. In my experience, Tombow pencil leads tend to be slightly darker and Mitsubishi leads tends to be a bit more smudge-resistant for the same graphite grade. Yet both premium brands feature superior graphite leads that glide smoothly on the paper surface without a hint of scratchiness. "F" grade pencils have the darkness of "HB" pencils with the strength and point retention of "H" pencils. Thus they are a natural choice for writing and taking notes. I like sketching with "F" pencils, because I find that I do not have to sharpen them as often as softer grades. Their sharp points last longer without breaking. Cheap pencil points often break and crumble under pressure or write very faintly. An artist pencil should have perfectly centered leads, sharpen well, resist breakage, feature consistent darkness for its graphite grade, and glide effortlessly on most papers. I do not my want my creative process to be interrupted by a poor quality lead that breaks for no reason, crumble under pressure, or pencil points that frustratingly keep breaking when trying to sharpen them. If you like to draw with the very best tools available, you should certainly experience the performance of the Tombow Mono 100 pencils in your preferred grades.