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November 3, 2013
Cannot get enough of...
Verified Purchase
Cannot get enough of Tombow Mono 2way correction tape and eraser. This is a cute and efficient product when you need to erase or cover up your mistakes. I like the design of it, and Tombow products are best in correction tape models. Best combo product.

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March 29, 2013
WOW! I'm surprised...
Verified Purchase
WOW! I'm surprised that no one has written a reveiw on this yet! First of all, this completely exceeded my expectations. The transition when pressing the white out from the mechanism is extremely smooth. There is no scraping, scratching, or rubbing. The white out is also very effective and sticks to the paper well. The eraser is also very high quality. Overall, you will have no regrets if you buy this amazing product!

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October 16, 2013
Incredible!! This is...
Verified Purchase
Incredible!! This is the best correction device that I have ever tried hands down. It has an easy design that is so effective. It takes me forever to run out of tape. The eraser is a bonus as well. It is high quality and is long lasting.

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May 2, 2013
Works great and has a...
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Works great and has a high cool factor. How can you lose?

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January 22, 2015
Very unique and eye-catching...
Verified Purchase
Very unique and eye-catching design, but honestly an eraser and corrective tape dispenser on their own get the job done for me. However, if you aren't one to carry many supplies or don't like to keep track of many things this is the product for you.

December 5, 2014
Solid construction, and...
Verified Purchase
Solid construction, and even though the instructions are in Japanese - this is easy to figure out. The tape is easy to apply neatly, and retracts into the body.