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This modern and stylish mechanical pencil is chock-full of cool features. There's no need to let go and re-grip your pencil every time you want to extend the lead. Just shake the pencil up and down! You can also push the clip downward—this conventional click mechanism is very smooth and easy. To lock the shaker mechanism, push the clip upward. When locked, you don't have to worry about accidentally extending the lead; even when you shake the pencil, the lead will not come out. The long guide pipe lets you see where you're drawing or writing. The popular Tombow Mono eraser is installed at the top with a twist mechanism and usable length of approximately 0.7 inches (1.8 cm). This attractive pencil has a metallic lime body, transparent gray grip area, and clear clip.

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ok. very light weighted...
January 22, 2015
Verified Purchase
ok. very light weighted and well constructed, but not built to last sadly. the twis-eraser is a genius idea, and its high quality! (yay), the clip on the other hand, dont trust it! - mine sprung off and hit a woman in the face! - thnakfully , she laughed.
as for the actual writing/drawing mechanics, well, i only had mine a month befor eit block and jammed - i amanged to clear it, but the mechanism is damaged somehow - it keeps loosening and leeting lead slip out all the time - it gris too much of the last bit of lead as well, and the tubing gets damaged easily,
furthemrore as a "shaker" (my first and LAST) it makes an annoying "clunk" as i twiddle it aorund while stimulating my creative thoughts and mystical powers from beyond the grave (only joking).

theres some really nice functions on this pen - but im a stirred, not a "shaken" kinda guy sadly.
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The size is right. The...
February 12, 2016
Verified Purchase
The size is right. The weight is right. Should last forever.
I'm really picky when...
October 23, 2015
Verified Purchase
I'm really picky when it comes to pencils, but this one knocks it out of the park for me. The color is great to begin with, pretty close to the shade that's displayed on the screen (a leafy green). The pencil itself is a bit on the heavier side, but it is comfortable. The shake mechanism is very responsive and the lead comes out in decent increments. Two shakes is all I ever need for a day of writing. I'm also a big fan of the lock mechanism to help keep any accidental lead breakage when it's in a bag.
Quite a surprise how...
February 7, 2015
Verified Purchase
Quite a surprise how well this pencil is. It gives the option to lock the shaker mechanism.
I love how this pencil...
November 5, 2014
Verified Purchase
I love how this pencil functions. You can open the mechanism up to retract the lead and then lock the shake mechanism off for transport; well-designed. It's solid, I carry it with me all the time. The only negative is that the color foil has started to scrape off the barrel, leaving just clear plastic underneath - but I DO carry this with me a lot, so it gets some wear.