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April 18, 2011
Aesthetics - 5/5 Functionalit...
Verified Purchase
Aesthetics - 5/5
Functionality - 4/5
Although the body is great and has an eraser small enough for those small mistakes, the eraser does not erase very well and i'm sad to say that my normal block erases better than it. Nevertheless, the eraser is still a great buy for its price.

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February 22, 2012
I liked how small and...
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I liked how small and precise the diameter of the eraser was, but I believe this eraser didn't live up to my expectations. It's light and very portable and the color of the pen holder is great. But the eraser part itself did not erase as well as I thought it should. I own a uniball kurutoga, and the eraser my pencil came with erases much better than this. When you write with normal pressure, this eraser leaves enough lead residue that you can still faintly read what used to be written down. This is disappointing, but I believe this is a good backup eraser.

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June 3, 2013
I thought this was a...
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I thought this was a fine product, up until it cracked at the threading, and then the head, the part where the eraser comes through, would constantly get loose and make erasing a pain. Mind you I mcguyvered this with a little scotch tape.

Usage time probably amounted to a few months literally... before it cracked. And I'm not sure what caused it? I probably just lucked out and got a bad one that had some sorta hairline fracture and then, when I started using it.. *pop*

So a useful tool. When you order, probably want to do better than I did and order a few just in case. Because at a 1.65 plus shipping.. well your shipping is going to be a certain rate no matter what, and a couple more erasers isn't going to make it jump. So you still get your bang for the buck.

August 29, 2012
All those times i have...
All those times i have to use other erasers and erased the wrong spots around it.. I wish I could of discovered this a long time ago. I am very pleased with it, but i dont reccomend using them on dark pencil lines. Other that, its great!

October 8, 2011
This eraser is very cool,...
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This eraser is very cool, in a cool color too. The click feature is pretty nice, and the eraser works well. Overall an awesome eraser for little mistakes!

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April 11, 2010
I love love love this...
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I love love love this eraser Afordable price cools color too

October 1, 2008
"john" is actually my...
"john" is actually my friend in real i tried out the eraser && it does work really good. yeah i said "GOOD". (to the person below.) :P

July 31, 2008
i know, i want to buy...
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i know, i want to buy this eraser but, they sell out REALLLLLLLY quickly, and by the way, "john" in your comment you said, "it works really GOOD," but it is suposed to be, "it woks really WELL" okay, jet pens, get some more of these please, they run out SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fast.... :)

May 20, 2008
eraser works super good!!!...
Verified Purchase
eraser works super good!!! pretty color. and worth the money.
p.s. my name is not john! that is my dad! im a girl! im not gay!