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I purchased two erasers...
November 6, 2014
Verified Purchase
I purchased two erasers at the same time, for comparison: (1) the Tombow Mono Zero Eraser - 2.5 mm x 5 mm - Rectangle - Black Body, and (2) the Uni E-Knock Eraser - Black Body. Both are very high quality and well made -- far better than other knock-erasers I have owned. I would say that for corrections to handwriting, the Uni E-Knock is a much better size. The Tombow 2.5 mm x 5 mm would be best for very finely controlled erasing such as in artwork, or if your handwriting is very tiny.
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Performs great, if I...
August 27, 2016
Verified Purchase
Performs great, if I get another it will be the blue/white version as the black is hard. To spot in with all the rest of my writing tools.
Great for needing sharp...
August 25, 2016
Verified Purchase
Great for needing sharp edges on projects.
This is by far my favorite...
August 2, 2016
Verified Purchase
This is by far my favorite eraser. The narrow side of the eraser is perfect for small places - like when you are working on grid paper or scantrons. The wider side is great if you have an entire line to erase.

The eraser bits roll into little scraps which is easy for clean up - it is not just pulverized eraser pieces. I also have not had any issue with breakage. In the past when I've had smaller erasers, I've had issues with the tip breaking away. This has not been an issue.

So far, I use it several days out of the week many times and I am still waiting for the eraser to run out. It seems to be lasting a really long time so far. I would definitely repurchase this eraser if I lost it. In fact, I'll be buying the refills soon just in case it runs out.
One of my two favorite...
July 7, 2016
Verified Purchase
One of my two favorite erasers that I keep with me at all times. It's great for smaller areas and precise. I have purchased this to give as a gift!
This was meh....
June 5, 2016
Verified Purchase
This was meh.
Comfortable eraser with...
July 16, 2015
Verified Purchase
Comfortable eraser with a handy holder, really doesn't damage paper and helps with most of pencil traces (except the most hard which are at deep damages at paper itself). Will buy erasers to charge the holder for sure =)
Excellent Products...
April 7, 2015
Verified Purchase
Excellent Products
Very good, i recommend...
March 30, 2015
Verified Purchase
Very good, i recommend to all.
So small and perfect...
February 28, 2015
Verified Purchase
So small and perfect for cleaning up my sketches.
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