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While the standard circle...
April 7, 2008
While the standard circle style Mono Zero easily found a use in my kit, this one is still struggling to find it's place. The flat thin shape of the eraser makes it difficult to make sense of what it's ideal function is.

It's too wide to be precise, unless you use the corners of the eraser, in which case it's hard to see what you're erasing. It can be used as an all around eraser intended for a less precise function taking advantage of it's wide coverage. In that case it's kind of a rare beast to be used for everyday use. Keeping a healthy stock of refills might prove difficult in the long run.

Again, like the other models of Mono Zeros, the eraser does not extend to the bottom of the barrel. It's about three inches long with a plastic lead extending the length which feeds into the advance mechanism. While it sucks to have an eraser shorter than expected, the quality is tops. Tombow definitely knows how to make things disappear. Plus, it looks way cool.
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These are the best. The...
June 3, 2010
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These are the best. The thin eraser is fantastic for fine detail work. Just make sure to purchase extra refills as the eraser is only about 2 inches in length.
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This does not have amazing...
September 6, 2013
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This does not have amazing erasing ability but it works well enough. I think the eraser needed to be made a little more firm so that it wouldn't break when made this thin. The problem is that it has difficulty erasing lead in indents. It looks nice though and seems sturdy. I recommend it for regular usage as opposed to art. Keep in mind that refills are a bit pricey. It's 2.50 for about 3-4 inches more. That means that each individual refill is only 1.5-2 inches in length.
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This thing is so cool!!...
February 15, 2016
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This thing is so cool!! Great for erasing when I'm doodling and need to fix just a tiny area!
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Very precise. Erases...
January 4, 2016
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Very precise. Erases well.
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I love Tombow pencils,...
October 31, 2015
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I love Tombow pencils, and now I love Tombow erasers! This fits perfectly alongside my pencils, so no problem to carry. I like that I can get a very fine line or erase a wider area! I have a few of these and so far nothing has broken. They also erase cleanly with minimal dust. Love it!
Not impressed with this...
April 22, 2015
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Not impressed with this eraser.
This is a decent eraser...
March 12, 2015
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This is a decent eraser with a variety of small edge surfaces, and it fits like a pencil in my pencil case.
Love the size and shape....
January 6, 2015
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Love the size and shape. Easy to fit into my drawing kit.
I have these &liked them...
December 25, 2014
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I have these &liked them so well I bought more ,you service is excellent.
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