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  I wanted to try something..., October 1, 2011
I wanted to try something new this time instead of buying a regular old pencil. At first I was very skeptical because i tend to hold on to my pencil in a way that alot of pressure is holding it down and i thought that the pencil would be bending everytime i wrote with it. As soon as i opened up the package and tried it out i found out that it is very sturdy and will only bend if your intention is to do so unless it's an accident. It is a very nice and creative pencil in my opinion.
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  If I could, I would change..., April 12, 2012
If I could, I would change my other review and give this pen a five. I felt guilty for being so harsh with this uber unique product over a tiny qualm.

I found that this is the pencil I reach for every time. It's so fun and comfortable to use that I end up picking it out of my numerous other choices. It's certainly not an elegant pencil by any stretch, but it's cute and functional.

Also, the rubber grip is pretty easy to keep clean (especially on this charcoal version). I'm planning on buying one with the more interesting colors next because they'll look infinitely more attractive. *w*
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  This unique pen is inexpensive..., March 21, 2012
This unique pen is inexpensive and compatible with many kinds of hand grips. It has a thick barrel, but it sits comfortably in the hand. For its price, the Tombow Olno is a great buy.

The one downside to this pen is that the eraser cap is extremely annoying. It is made of cheap plastic and is not fastened very securely, so it comes off easily (on accident!). It's just an eraser cap, so the pen functions without it, but the pen looks unslightly without its cap. I have replaced it with a simple eraser from another pen, and it looks and works great.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  I bought this because..., September 17, 2011
By bia...
I bought this because it was a cute inexpensive pencil. I never thought that I would fall in love with it the first time I used it. The grip is extremely comfortable, the middle click to advance lead is actually really smooth and easy. Remember those pencils with the click advance in the middle before, except that it was an actual button? Well, this one is way better because there is no button to get in your way when you're writing. It's just a gentle click while you're holding it, no awkwardness at all. It's the perfect shape, weight, and feel for writing for long periods of time.
  I have all kinds of pencils..., February 7, 2014
By jev...
I have all kinds of pencils and I too find myself reaching for this one all the time. It works great for math and for solving problems... The eraser is absolute crap, but I normally use a block eraser so no bigs. People who try it fall in love with the flex click advance. It really is the way to go. I have had no real issues with a soft lead (3B) and the whole thing comes apart very easy to clean out and broken pieces if you drop it.

The colors are super fun and bright, and you can spot your pencil a mile away, which is nice.

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