Tombow Petattsu Damage-Free Mounting Adhesive - Size L - Blue - Pack of 40

Tombow Petattsu Damage-Free Mounting Adhesive - Size L - Blue - Pack of 40

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The Petattsu adhesives are like gelatin colored dots that are easy to peel off from a variety surfaces. The gummy glue spots are acid free and can be used for photos, notes, kitchen recipes, posters, and more. The product can be reused for as long as the stickiness will last, making them very useful for posting different recipes on your kitchen cabinet for example. Or, you can hang your children's artwork on their door without having to worry about tape damage or holes. They work best on clean, hard surfaces. Avoid hot surfaces (exposed to sun or over 104 degrees F), dusty, oily or uneven surfaces. You can try the adhesive on an inconspicuous place to test it in advance. Product dimensions: 1 cm in diameter for Medium size, 1.4 cm in diameter for Large size. Approximately 0.2 mm thick.

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I was a bit disappointed...
August 10, 2012
Verified Purchase
I was a bit disappointed in using these. The problem is that you should not move the poster after you have placed it on the wall. The poster fell down several times when I tried that. I had used 4 of them on an 11x17 poster. They worked great on the poster that I had not moved though. Perhaps it was because the walls were warm, it has been about 80°F for the past week. I also had to use quite a few (8) on a 18x24 poster that was about as heavy as cardstock paper. However, the good thing is that they are easily removed from the poster but you really can not reuse it after that.

So to sum it up, it works well but it is not as reusable as you would like it to be and it is removable.
These work so well. ...
April 4, 2012
Verified Purchase
These work so well. I've re-used them and the adhesive is still sticky.