Tombow Yo-i Pencil Grip Aid - Right-Handed

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Fits over most standard size wooden pencils. The Tombow Yo-i Wooden Pencil Grip Aid is perfect for young writers starting to learn how to write their letters. This grip helps teach proper writing position for a hand when gripping a pencil, and will help enforce good habits. The grip is designed to hold the middle of your thumb nail parallel to the paper, keeping the pencil at approximately a 60 degree angle from the paper. It even adds ergonomic comfort for adult users! Right and left-handed versions available.
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The tombow yo-I pencil...
September 12, 2012
Verified Purchase
The tombow yo-I pencil grip is awesome. As you can probably guess, I am not a kid anymore, however, i am youthful at heart, so when I saw this, I thought, hey, this makes me remember vague snippets of trying to grip a pencil in first grade, and how it would have been easier with this. So I got it. What do you have to lose in trying it, it's a perfect add on item.
I bought this for nostalgia, but the reason I am keeping it is because it works. Just enough friction to keep it on many different sorts of pencils and stationery or artistic tools, yet it is simple enough to take it off the pencil, pen, utensil in question. And it improves ergonomics and accuracy for me. Making it almost effortless to grip a pencil, means I can focus on creating art work that is above the standards I used to live by and thought were my limit. I mean, I thought this would be a trinket of little to no usability, but it actually steps up my game plan as an artist. A lot. And I have the feeling this little blue gripper will last long.

So, if you are looking for a cheap, fill the free shipping cap sort of object, then this is definitely the right way to go.
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Perfect! Exactly what...
March 16, 2015
Verified Purchase
Perfect! Exactly what we needed. My (right-handed) 5-year-old has the most awkward pencil death-grip I've ever seen. (Which is frustrating because I'm an illustrator AND her 2-year-old little brother holds his pencils perfectly!) I've been trying desperately to correct it before kindergarten. So far this seems to be helping tremendously - unfortunately she's not allowed to use it at pre-school.
my twin sons (4 1/2 years...
December 28, 2014
Verified Purchase
my twin sons (4 1/2 years old; one left-handed and one right-handed) have problems holding their pencils. These grips guide their fingers in exactly the right position, and they don't complain of any discomfort. Unlike some other products, they a) actually like these and b) can't really hold them wrong.

The only downside is the guides and printing on them is in Japanese, and they have to ask periodically for me to show them again which finger goes on which part of the grip. This lack of intuitiveness is the only downside.

We've tried a soft, spongy Kum brand grip purchased elsewhere that was really nice, though also ambidextrous so didn't provide quite the tailored support, especially of the third finger. We also tried some rubbery bulbous ambidextrous grips, also purchased elsewhere, that are strange and can aid, but don't seem to encourage, a proper grip.

I wish JetPens would carry the Kum grips, since they carry other Kum products already.

works! makes you hold...
October 16, 2014
Verified Purchase
works! makes you hold a pencil without putting too much pressure. I can use pencils for longer with the use of this.