Tombow Zoom 101 Carbon Fiber Fountain Pen - Fine Nib

Tombow Zoom 101 Carbon Fiber Fountain Pen - Fine Nib

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The Tombow Zoom 101 was produced to commemorate the Zoom Design Collection's 20th anniversary. The design is based on an ultra-light weight concept, thus the pen weighs just under 0.5 oz (14 grams). The exotic body is made of high-tech carbon (used in aircrafts) and the clip, tip and ring are made of the metal Duralumin, an extremely light and durable Aluminium. The Zoom 101 goes against the tradition that high end fountain pens need to be heavy. It is supposed to be the world's lightest high end fountain pen. It features an elegant pattern of black and soft grey, and conveniently refills with an international short standard size cartridge. The Rhodium finished stainless nib is available in fine and medium.

Dimensions: 5.5 inches (13.75 cm) when capped and 4.75 inches (12 cm) uncapped. 6.25 inches (16 cm) when capped is posted on back. Approximately .42 inches in diameter.

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I really enjoy writing...
May 24, 2013
I really enjoy writing with this pen. The nib is smooth and lays down a good wet line. I expected the pen to feel plasticy (yes, I like making new words) but it feels more like a really well polished wood but much lighter. This pen has only one problem and which is that even the fine writes a line as thick as a western medium. I personaly had the nib tuned to write thinner and now its just the best possible pen you can imagine. For some reason Jetpens is selling this WAY more than some other retailers. Even Tombow's website is selling it for $55 less than Jetpens. I got mine for about $150 with shipping and a converter from England. The pen it self is just amazing if your okay with the width
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This pen is very light...
November 11, 2015
This pen is very light and gorgeous, in an understated but very classy way. The light but solid-feeling carbon body is a beauty to behold and never fails to elicit admiration and comments.

My only major complaint : when capping the pen there is a very satisfying 'click' between the cap and the nib part of the body (good); however, the cap is very hard to post on the end of the barrel (awful). Not only there is no 'click', but the cap is held by pressuring against the O ring at the end of the barrel, and you have to push hard to post it. I am afraid that posting and un-posting will damage this O ring in the long haul. Why didn't the Tombow designers include the same 'click producing' mechanism at the end of the barrel? To be fair it's not a deal breaker for me as I usually do not post the caps on my full body fountain pens; but it's a major annoyance when you need to post your cap.

Finally, I slightly disagree with the other reviewer; I bought the pen with a fine nib, which writes a fraction of a hairline fatter than a Kaweco fine (as an example). In my mind the fine nib is hence similar to many other fine western nibs, but it's not close to an extra-fine by any means. This writes beautifully with a wet line (which I like!).

If you buy it, you will not be disappointed in this one!
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