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Tomoe River Paper - A4 - White - 100 Sheets - TOMOE RIVER A4-WHITE-100
To those who wonder whether or not the paper is good for drawing- It is, but it depends on what you're using. The paper takes ink very well, but things like Copic markers or any other alcohol based marker don't get the even wash effect the do on regular paper. Also worth mentioning is that some inks change their properties on this paper. For example, the Zebra disposable brush pen is Copic proof on regular paper, but on the Tomoe it smears. So before doing any big project on it, it's better to take a separate sheet and see how the materials you'll use will act on it.
Other than that, the paper is actually great. No bleed through with inks, and the paper is somewhat transparent which allows to trace drawings :)

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