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Tsubame Fools University Notebook - H30S - A5 - 7 mm Rule - TSUBAME H2001
Oh lord...instantly fell in love. I got one of these to qualify for free shipping as I compiled a gift set of notebooks for a friend starting grad school. Love at first write. Love the paper. Love the size. Love the page count, the portability, the stitched & reinforced binding. I'm well on the way of filling one up and it's only been a few days. Time to order a supply! Seriously...who needs Field Notes when these are better in literally every way? Sure they're larger but they're just as portable yet far superior AND cheaper to boot. Can one truly love a notebook? YES!

About Tsubame

Based in Tokyo, Tsubame produces notebooks, memo books, and other stationery products. The products feature high-quality fools paper, which is easy to write on, resists feathering, and is neither too rough nor too slippery.