Uni 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Pencil Holder

Uni 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Pencil Holder

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An exclusive, commemorative pencil holder celebrating the 50th anniversary of Uni-ball's world-famous Uni wooden pencil line. It is available in extremely limited quantities at JetPens. Production has been limited to 5000 pieces.

This gorgeous, luxury pencil holder gives you an exquisite drawing experience. It is very well designed and can hold everything from the Pressure-Proofed Hi-Density Uni pencil (shorter pencils specifically for set, approx 2 inches shorter than standard Uni pencil) to a short pencil stub. The body of the holder is made of high-quality, real wood colored maroon for Mitsubishi. The cap and body is accented with gunmetal, black and gold accents. Each set comes with two special edition low wear wooden pencils and is beautifully packaged in a unique, black wooden box that seals closed through hidden magnets.

Pencil with a metal ferrule or with an integrated eraser are not recommended for use with this holder.

Customer Reviews

If you're a person who...
August 28, 2009
If you're a person who loves the weight and feel of a fountain pen but also loves the pencil this is the holder for you. If you enjoy calligraphy but have a hard time adjusting to the lightness of a wooden pencil when practicing your line work this holder adds just enough weight to balance out a shorter pencil. And for those of you who just can't seem to get used to pencils that have been sharpened shorter than 1/2 their original length, and I've met quite a few of you over the years, this holder so far is the only one that I have come across that allows you to hold longer pencil stubs to help give that extra weight and balance needed. This is one of those ultra luxury pencil accessories and it's just a step below the Graf Von Faber Castell Perfect Pencil (hey the Perfect Pencil has a sharpener in its cap and so far no pencil holder can beat that) in usefulness but the finish is easier to maintain and for you pen snobs afraid of showing your allegiance to wooden pencils it's the perfect disguise in a case or pocket full of fountain pens.
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This is THE pencil holder/exte...
September 30, 2009
Verified Purchase
This is THE pencil holder/extender! A wonderful item – thank you for making it available.
Perfect item. Thanks...
March 4, 2009
Verified Purchase
Perfect item. Thanks to stock it, Jetpens!