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January 7, 2013
This pencil is a bit...
This pencil is a bit of a mixed bag:

-Very comfortable to write with
-Very smooth writing
-Good lead advancement mechanism

-Not particularly durable. Mine was prone to jamming
-0.3mm lead breaks frequently if you're not careful
-Non-retracting tip is kind of fragile. I'm pretty sure mine got bent in my backpack, which was responsible for the occasional lead jamming. Had to disassemble clean the broken pieces out, and reassemble. Takes about 2-3 minutes and happened every few days or approx 10hrs of writing
-The metal etched grip is good, but once your fingers get sweaty it gets tough to keep a grip.

Overall it isn't bad, but you must transport it in a hard pencil case to avoid damage, and it has some annoyances

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April 19, 2009
This just may be my favorite...
Verified Purchase
This just may be my favorite pencil. It is about the same thickness as the Staedtler 925, but with the metal grip it's bottom heavy, giving the user better control than with the 925. I also prefer the metal grip over the rubber grip of the 925, as the rubber attracts a ton of lint. The lead advances just a fraction of a mm at a time so breakage is held to a minimum. It also includes a clean out rod, which many pencil manufacturers are beginning to omit. I would choose this pencil over the others in its class, such as the Zebra Drafix and the Staedtler 925.

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March 8, 2013
Excellent quality for...
Verified Purchase
Excellent quality for the price. Good weight in hand. I was afraid the lead would be easy to break but it is fine. (No pun intended). Nice pencil!

January 20, 2012
To anyone who dislikes...
Verified Purchase
To anyone who dislikes this pencil: u right to hard i havent used this pencil for very long but so far i love it i use this pencil for drawing and have a light hand (use must to be an artist) so it works perfect for me

My Only dislike is the metal mesh or whatever it is called but it actually isn't that bad
Automatic 5 stars

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November 18, 2011
I love the feel of this...
Verified Purchase
I love the feel of this pencil in my hand: Its weight is perfect, its balance is great and the knurling grip is comfortable and wide enough for my grip. The lid advancing mechanism seems to be very reliable and the price is very attractive.

September 6, 2008
This pencil is a gem....
This pencil is a gem. It is well designed and very well made. It's not only an attractive pencil but with the balance shifted to the writing end due to the nicely checkered metal grip and heavy metal lead sleeve it feels nice in the hand and rights well. Lead breakage is held to a minimum due to it's quality craftsmanship. The lead reservior is large enough to hold a couple tubes of lead with room to spare. The lead indicator stays put by locking into place solidly. The grip and lead sleeve are not integral but removing the grip makes removing the lead sleeve easier. The plastic barrel and clutch are integral so the inner tube is not removable.

Overall this pencil is a keeper. High quality at an affordable price. You can't go wrong with this one.

June 23, 2011
This is a terrible drafting...
Verified Purchase
This is a terrible drafting pencil. Obviously one may argue that this pencil requires 0.3 led and that lead is likely to break. However I have tried many different types of leads with this pencil and it just keeps breaking lead. It is like throwing out money for both the led and the pencil. This is a Lead Pig and I advise that people not purchase this. Some may also argue that I am pressing to hard to over working it. I only use this pencil for 41 minutes a day just for one class and it still seems to fail.