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This pencil surprised...
November 6, 2011
Verified Purchase
This pencil surprised me in it's build quality and performance. It's very light, the metal grip must be aluminum or something similar. The lead selector spins with a "snap" so it stays in place. I have other pencils that were much more expensive than this that the selector window just freewheels around the shaft and constantly changes itself *UGGHH*.

This pencil is definately worth the money. You won't be disappointed.
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This is an excellent...
February 9, 2011
This is an excellent pencil with good quality and a good buy. However, the only parts of the pencil that are metal are the grip and the tip, but since the cost of this pencil is only $7.50, this pencil is good enough for me.
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I would consider this...
February 5, 2009
Verified Purchase
I would consider this to be a mid-line pencil. Better than or equal to what you could get at a local school supply store, but not up to the level of quality of other items Jetpens offers. The best feature of this pencil is the grip; it is good quality metal, and while the grip is a bit on the rough side it does the job.
The lead advance mechanism is fairly average, not poorly constructed by any means but it feels a bit on the light side, but the same can be said for the entire pencil. My biggest complaint is the plastic shaft. I find when I write with it, it has a disconcerting tendency to flex when pressed down. Not a huge deal when sketching, but when writing text or numbers it took a bit to get used to. I use this as a 'field pencil' when I am in a situation where I don't want my nicer equipment nicked or dirtied.

Conclusion: It is an OK pencil but if you are visiting this site, you probably want something with a bit more quality put into it.
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I bought a set (.3mm...
July 5, 2013
Verified Purchase
I bought a set (.3mm .4mm .5mm .7mm .9 mm)of theses pencils for school (Architecture student) and I never had to buy anymore pencils , until some of them got stolen. The entire tip is made out of metal so is the grip, and the inside mechanism as well. The body is made out of rigid and non flexible plastic. In the middle there is a rotatable lead indicator, the eraser is cover with a metal cap , and has a simple metal mechanism that makes it easy to swap the eraser when its done.
It fells good in the hand , it's heavier then a regular mechanical pencil , but not too heavy in general use, and the diamond grip make's it impossible to slip.
The only thing i did not like about it is that the eraser was small , and if use frequently you would have to replace it as often.
One of the best pencil set I ever bought .
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This a good pencil overall...
November 8, 2012
Verified Purchase
This a good pencil overall built around a metallic end (aluminum) and the upper half of ridged plastic. The plastic is study and Does NOT flex in use unless you write/draw with a fist like a cave man! The lead feeds out in short, even increments and does not spin, rotate or have any play. If you do not mind its light weight than you will love this pencil and I would suggest getting the set over time or all at once. However after using Japanese/German drafting pencils for some time now, I can only give this a 4.0!
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good quality and the...
January 29, 2011
Verified Purchase
good quality and the wright of the pencil is very comfortable to write for a long time and do not feel tierd.
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I use this pencil for...
April 29, 2016
Verified Purchase
I use this pencil for writing and love that it has a way of indicating what type of lead is in it, since I like writing with more B grades. My only issue is that the grip is a bit rough especially if you're using it for a long time.
You know it's good, just...
April 7, 2013
Verified Purchase
You know it's good, just BUY IT ALREADY!
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