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Pen itself is great....
February 3, 2013
Verified Purchase
Pen itself is great. Refill is terrible. I've got three of these now because I love the pen itself. The gel grip (not a gel refill) is really good. The refill it takes, however, is very weak, not too smooth, not to dark pigment--basically, yesterday's refill in today's pen. That, however, does not bother me because I found I can take the refills out of the Jetstream model of stick pens (not sold here, though they have a lot of other great jetstream models here) and cut it and it works in this pen. That marries a very comfortable pen model with the best ink type for ballpoint pens I've ever known. I'm giving this two stars though because most people are not going to want to cut and make fit refills from other pen types to put in this pen, and the refill UNI sells with this model and makes for this model is very disappointing.
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Hi Guys, I have been...
July 20, 2006
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Hi Guys,

I have been using this pen for the past 3 days and I have several comments to make:

First, the pen is more comfortable than Sensa pen and the weight is abotu right. Sensa has patented grip but its grip is only as good as the grip of the pen. In addition to that, average Sensa pen costs average $25. Comfort wise the pen rates a five stars.

Secondly, the ink system for the pen is as horrible as Sensa's. IT IS WEAK!!! You must press hard should you write on your paper. I hope the site offers more varities of ink thickness for this type of pen.
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Nice cushioned pen. I...
May 20, 2015
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Nice cushioned pen. I thought that the ink would be thicker but it is a bit thin. Still a great pen.
This pen is the absolute...
August 22, 2005
This pen is the absolute best! The gel padding is addicting to touch - and the fine point is great because it is a ball point, not the smudgy roller balls!
Love this pen! The gel...
August 18, 2005
Love this pen! The gel is very very comfortable & the ink is very fine point & makes you write really neat. Feels like it is a high-end pen.
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