Uni Alpha Gel HD Shaka Shaker Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Black Body - Rose Pink Grip

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4.7 (13 reviews)
The squishy soft grip of the Alpha gels are so addictive that Uniball has been multiplying its line like bunnies. All other comfy grips seem like hard rubber compared to an Alpha gel. It is the same gel that is famous for keeping an egg from breaking even when dropped from a 5 ft height.

This pencil has a SHAKER option. You can either click or shake the pencil to extend the lead. Just change the setting by pushing the top cap all the way down to transform it into a shaker pencil. So now you can squish, shake and click your way through class and/or work.

Model NumberUNI M5618GG1P .66
Weight1.0 ounces

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Awesome pencil. I am...
April 6, 2013
Verified Purchase
Awesome pencil. I am a stationery fanatic and this series of shaker pencils is my favorite because I like the sleek look, the soft grip, and the shaker function. I had one in green, pink, and blue, but unfortunately, all three were stolen at school and that really upset me. If you buy one, be sure to keep it at home so it won't get stolen and never lend it to anyone, or it will be stolen. That's how much people want these pencils.
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Hi! I'm Kristie and I'm...
March 16, 2012
Hi! I'm Kristie and I'm 10. I had this pencil for...2 years now and its awesome. The squishy gel grip gives you a ton of comfort and sometimes I force myself to doodle in class just because I want to write with this pencil! I would not recommend this pencil to people 8 or under because the grip is fragile and can be easily ripped. I had already experienced 2 rips so now this is technically my third pencil! I bring this pencil to school with me everyday. The only issue is stealers. My friend also has this pencil (but it's green) and she had hers stolen. I guess some people are just too dumb to buy their own! It is a very good pencil for everyday writers. It is perfect for little gifts, rewards, and prizes. But, I have a friend who thinks grips are uncomfortable. Before you buy this, you need to know this grip is for people who want extra comfort in writing and does not have a good grip on their pencils. So, that means the grip will also feel a bit sticky, too. This pencil is not meant for people who hold their pencils low so don't buy this if you do. I would recommend you to buy a regular grip because those grips are movable. Also, the grip (this one) is removable. First, twist off the front tip bit. Then, carefully pull the grip down. There! Now to put it back in, just put the grip back and twist on the front tip bit. Be sure to twist it lightly because if you twist it hard the grip will break. If you have any more questions, please email me at kristiesychan@gmail.com with the subject labeled "Jetpens question". Hope it helped!
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This pencil is like so...
March 14, 2011
This pencil is like so awsome ... I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!! so squishy :)
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This pencil is amazing....
December 13, 2010
Verified Purchase
This pencil is amazing. You should totally get this!




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First off, I am a girly-girl....
October 8, 2010
First off, I am a girly-girl. I love pastels and have a collection of mechanicals pencils in pastel tones so I never thought of buying one in black before. But I saw this in a stationery store and I was smitten. The color combination and the grip color was quite stunning. I was sitting in lecture yesterday and a GUY kept staring at my pencil- haha. I was debating if I should get an alpha-gel for over a year because I kept reading that the grip rips and I hate wasting $. But when I saw this in front my eyes, I couldn't help it. I bought one for the bf in blue-black and he still hasn't stopped fiddling with it. Our new daily pencils.

Two downs- I like a little weight on my instruments (Dr. Grip fangirl) and this feels a little too light for my liking. And it feels a pretty plastic-y all around. Hence 4 stars. But the lock system, colors, and the grip won me over. I'm praying the grip won't rip anytime soon and if it does.. I'll just steal my bf's. ;) Recommended.
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