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Awesome pencil. I am...
April 6, 2013
Verified Purchase
Awesome pencil. I am a stationery fanatic and this series of shaker pencils is my favorite because I like the sleek look, the soft grip, and the shaker function. I had one in green, pink, and blue, but unfortunately, all three were stolen at school and that really upset me. If you buy one, be sure to keep it at home so it won't get stolen and never lend it to anyone, or it will be stolen. That's how much people want these pencils.
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First off, I am a girly-girl....
October 8, 2010
First off, I am a girly-girl. I love pastels and have a collection of mechanicals pencils in pastel tones so I never thought of buying one in black before. But I saw this in a stationery store and I was smitten. The color combination and the grip color was quite stunning. I was sitting in lecture yesterday and a GUY kept staring at my pencil- haha. I was debating if I should get an alpha-gel for over a year because I kept reading that the grip rips and I hate wasting $. But when I saw this in front my eyes, I couldn't help it. I bought one for the bf in blue-black and he still hasn't stopped fiddling with it. Our new daily pencils.

Two downs- I like a little weight on my instruments (Dr. Grip fangirl) and this feels a little too light for my liking. And it feels a pretty plastic-y all around. Hence 4 stars. But the lock system, colors, and the grip won me over. I'm praying the grip won't rip anytime soon and if it does.. I'll just steal my bf's. ;) Recommended.
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This pencil is like so...
March 14, 2011
This pencil is like so awsome ... I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!! so squishy :)
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This pencil is amazing....
December 13, 2010
Verified Purchase
This pencil is amazing. You should totally get this!




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I love it! This is a...
October 14, 2015
Verified Purchase
I love it! This is a really good pencil, the grip is nice and squishy which puts so much relief on my thumb especially. The lead it comes with also works really well, it glides smoothly across the paper, writes soft along with making nice dark lines, it also erases quit well. This pencil is going to save my hand when I start working on comic pages.
Five stars!
The grip is HEAVEN. I...
August 15, 2015
Verified Purchase
The grip is HEAVEN. I keep squishing it for fun >//////<. Although pleasant to the touch, the grip also collects dust and other junk a bit too easily. It can be brushed off, and some people may not even mind that, but every time I get it out, it has some new debris clinging to its heavenly grip. Oh, well. The body is super lightweight and the shaker function is great. It also has the ability to lock, which means it won't produce led when shaken in locked-mode. Pretty sweet pencil, and the color is beautiful to top it all off.
I've just been addicted...
August 4, 2015
Verified Purchase
I've just been addicted to shaker pencils since I discovered them, you just can't find these anywhere! What's cool about this one is you can press all the way down on the eraser to lock the shaker function so the lead doesn't dispense; however whatever is inside will still shake, but it won't let the lead out. I gave it four stars because it's taking me a while to get used to finding the degree of force needed to make lead dispense, lock it, unlock it, and push lead back up. It's neat but I'd rather just not have to deal with all the pushing/clicking. The grip is very nice, extremely squishy and very comfortable. I like this pencil but I'm still a fan of Pilot's Play Border series. Give it a try, it's a really comfortable pencil and the functions really set it apart from all the others.
i really like this pencil!...
March 30, 2015
Verified Purchase
i really like this pencil! it's really comfy and has a nice grip. it's kinda lighter for my taste, but i learn to deal with it.
With all the different...
November 2, 2014
Verified Purchase
With all the different mechanical pencils out there, this one is one of the pricier ones, but it is definitely worth the $10!

I've owned this pencil for several years, but it was stolen (like another reviewer said... everyone just wants these!) I liked it so much that I just had to buy a replacement. The gel grip is soft and a fantastic treat for my fingers. Ever since using this pencil, the usual writer's callus (or that's what I call it) on my middle finger has almost disappeared. This was my first shaker pencil, so for those who haven't used a shaker pencil before, it will take some time to get used to (but you can extend the lead using the regular click at top as well)

I had no issues with the grip getting ripped. I actually don't see how that's possibly, unless you're physically trying to damage the grip... or you're chewing on it. :)

I like this pencil so much that I'm considering getting one of these pencils for all my friends for Christmas! Buy this, it won't disappoint!
This pencil is just amazing!...
August 22, 2014
Verified Purchase
This pencil is just amazing! First of all, it's the grip. Many people complain and say that the Alpha Gel grip is not as squishy as they thought it would be. Trust me, it's the squishiest grip I have ever used and very comfortable for that reason. I would also like to say that the shaking mechanisms in the alpha gel are awesome! You can lock the shaker mechanism by pressing down in the cap and you'll hear a click like a pen that let's you know it's locked. It is also a tad louder than the Dr Grips shakers but that's nothing to bad. I highly recommend it! You won't regret it!!! I also recommend the Pilot Dr Grip Play Border Shaker pencil and the Pilot Dr Grip G-Spec Deco series pencils!
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