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  I've got to say- this..., May 5, 2011
I've got to say- this pencil is the favorite of my six (yes, six) alpha gels. It looks a lot better in real life than it does on a computer screen, and the grip is squishy but not overly squishy. This pencil is probably not only my favorite alpha gel, but my favorite writing utensil in general. Just get it!
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  I think the squishy part..., October 2, 2010
By sad...
I think the squishy part will only rip if you're playing around or biting it or doing something weird. I think that as long as you keep it safe in a pencil case and don't try to eat it, it will be fine.

I love this design, by the way.
  This is by far the best..., March 23, 2013
This is by far the best pencil i have ever had the pleasure of using.

-Super Soft and squishy grip
-Amazing Colour
-Lock feature is incredibly useful
-it looks better in real life than on the Jetpens site, on which it already looks amazing.

-when using the lock feature the cap may not stay stationary, a small quirk that does not matter much.

in total, one of the best purchases i have ever made, keep it out of the hands of people with "Sticky fingers" and you will be the happiest writers of all time.
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  the pencil itself is..., May 16, 2012
the pencil itself is very nice, but the shaker get jammed very easily. also the brand name on the pink barrell fades ver easily. a every good price, though.
  firm grip, but nice color..., December 30, 2009
firm grip, but nice color :)
very reflective barrel
  Uni-ball Alpha Gel Shaka..., October 15, 2009
Uni-ball Alpha Gel Shaka Shaker Pencil - 0.5 mm

- Perfect balance in weight.
- Gel provides comfort in people who tend to write fast or extensively.
- Revised clip, better than the HD series one.
- Shaker is okay.

- Grip rips very easily, good care is recommended to avoid this.
- The shaking mechanism sometimes jams.
- No lower grip for writers who grip the pencil low.