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   I love both the kuru..., January 26, 2012
By mil...
I love both the kuru toga and alpha gel lines that Uniball has out, so I thought I would try this combination of the two.

I like the grip. Defiantly not as squishy as the regular alpha gels (like the Uni-ball Alpha Gel HD Shaka Shaker Pencil), but I prefer this one because it is not s squishy as to make you have an unstable grip, but is still more comfortable than a standard kuru toga.

So far has been working just fine. I write in cursive, so this may not be as effective as writing in print, but I still like it. One of my 2 kuru togas got blocked up and I wasn't able to clear it so I had to throw it away. Will update on the lasting power later.

I like the product. Only thing I could suggest would be having metal instead of a coating on plastic on the shiny section in the middle since that scratches easily. Oh, and also having a price cut. This is kinda expensive.
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  I was so happy to see..., June 6, 2010
By jmw19
I was so happy to see this at Jetpens. I've got 4 other Kuru Toga pencils, from the plastic and metal collections, but I saw these Alpha Gel models while browsing Ebay. I had to have one, and love that I could get it in a few days, instead of waiting on international shipping.
The pencil itself is great. I like a wider grip, and the gel is very comfortable. The hardest part of using a Kuru Toga is not rotating the pencil as you write, since it does it for you. I find myself rotating the other models as I go, but the gel seems to help me remember to keep it stationary.
This version is also pretty light, close to the plastic model, so it's comfortable for long stretches of writing. Highly recommended.
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  I AM IN LOVE. I am..., September 9, 2011

I am obsessed with writing instruments & once I find a great product, I'm loyal for life. When my fiance told me about this pencil, I couldn't believe my ears. I had to order it immediately. (Note: Shipping here at JetPens is absolutely terrific!) When I write, I write in all capitalized letters so this involves me picking up the pencil for each letter. This works wonderful with my writing style. If you prefer to write in cursive, this product may not work as well for you. You literally need to lift the pencil off of the paper in order for the lead to rotate.
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  I was really excited..., August 22, 2010
By dev...
I was really excited for this one, but I was honestly disappointed. Basically, the grip is the best part, and the lead comes out no differently than any other pencil I've ever used.

On the positive side, it is very nice to write with. :)
  i really like this pencil,..., November 17, 2012
By eri...
i really like this pencil, it feels good in my hand and isnt as fat as the normal alpha gel, the grip is still good although not as squishy as the original. the kuru toga feature is amazing also
  This pencil is okay,..., February 18, 2011
This pencil is okay, but not worth the $. The Alpha Gel grip is pretty good, but not as good as in other Alpha Gels. The grip is not worth the extra money. However, the Kuru Toga engine is okay, but not like \'the greatest thing in the world\' like it sort of claims it is. I like the pencil and think that it is pretty good.
  Okay pencil. The only..., February 17, 2011
Okay pencil. The only reason I would pay this kind of money for it (the price is still steep) is for the Alpha Gel grip. The Kuru Toga engine works, but not a shakey pencil. But still okay.
  this pencil is great!..., January 13, 2011
this pencil is great! the engine works good and the grip is squishy. i just wish it had a shaker... that would make it perfect!
  Very nice pencil to write..., November 12, 2010
Very nice pencil to write with. I've actually turned a number of people on to this pencil. The engine works well, and the pencil is very comfortable. My only complaint is the grip doesn't offer as much traction as the alpha gel HD. My hands sweat a lot and my fingers still slip on this pencil's grip all the time.
  really nice pencil with..., November 6, 2010
really nice pencil with the nice grip. even though its more expensive than the kuru toga original its worth it. the grip makes it better..... EXCELLENT
  i gave my kuru toga original..., October 14, 2010
i gave my kuru toga original to a friend of mine, and had to find a replacement. I was not happy with the grip from the original pencil and felt that i needed something that felt more solid.

the metal version was considered, however for 15 dollars, i read that "you can do better" from other's review.

I got this since i heard amazing things about the rubber grip... and I agree. This is the ultimate kuru toga pencil. I still cant write with the mushy tip feeling, but the mechanism DEFINITELY WORKS.

i can get my .5 to be as sharp as my .3 if i dont rotate my .3 manually.

If only they made this in .3. :)
  how does this compare..., October 10, 2010
how does this compare to the original kuru toga? because i have the original and im wondering if i should get this one
  Love Kuru Toga. Live..., August 19, 2010
By mel...
Love Kuru Toga. Live Alpha Gel. The two together is just madness. I always find myself reaching for this pencil to write with. It feels great in your hand & looks attractive too. Nice clean appearance and not to mention flawless writing.
  THIS PENCIL LOOKS SIIIIICK!!!!..., June 14, 2010
THIS PENCIL LOOKS SIIIIICK!!!! OMG I have been dreaming of this kind of pencil!! Its such a cool idea combining two different pencils. I have a question. Does it have a shaky?
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  My grip has air bubbles...., November 11, 2012
My grip has air bubbles. Any suggestions? Please reply!!
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  There's a few things..., August 3, 2013
By HiP...
There's a few things in a good mechanical pencil I love; Kuru Toga engine, comfortable (ergonomic) grips, metal clip, and sturdy body.

- comfortable for long writing sessions
- combination of my favorite Kuru Toga engine AND Alpha Gel grip
- Kuru Toga makes writing neat

- the grip AND body should not be transparent because it ruins the look of the pencil by making it look like a girly pencil (I'm a guy)
- the grip collects lint like usual ax gels
- the clip is plastic! not metal. (I'm very picky).. Sometimes people just pull off the plastic clip.
- the cap is plastic which is pretty ugly
- the size is nice but because it is transparent, it makes you look like you're holding something veery innapropriate..

For the two popular pencil models to be combined into one, they could have done better.