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  Simply outstanding. The..., June 9, 2012
By zack99
Simply outstanding. The soft grip and sharpening feature aids in neat writing. The gel grip on the pencil is famous for protecting an egg from breaking when dropped on concrete, thus the grip is extremely soft and comfortable when compared to other grips. There are only two cons for this pencil: One is that the grip is slightly firmer than the original alpha-gel; the second is that the sharpening feature doesn't work if you write in cursive. Overall, this pencil is wonderful. I highly recommend this product for both long periods of writing, and short note taking.
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  I have had this pencil..., September 26, 2011
I have had this pencil for about 3 weeks now and here's my two cents. It is an awesome pencil, its intuitive, comfortable and very light. The Kuru Toga technology is pretty helpful when taking notes etc, however, the technology requires for you to lift your pencil. This means that when drawing lines etc, the pencil doesn't spin the lead.

And to add, the gel is similar to the Alpha Gel HD series, not as squishy as the originals.

However, my biggest complaint is that it STOPPED working for me after 3 weeks. By three weeks I finished the lead that came with the pencil and when I loaded the new lead 0.5 the pencil stopped working. I've been trying different solutions but I've reached a dead end and a useless pencil.

Basically the pencil doesnt push the lead out, it just moves freely through the pencil. If anyone knows a fix for this please let me know...

3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  I love this pencil so..., April 30, 2011
I love this pencil so awesome truly amazing :) worth the money
3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  this pencil is good and..., March 23, 2011
By ste...
this pencil is good and bad. the good part is that the grip is squishy and your writing comes out neat. the bad part is that the led always gets stuck and u cant get it out.
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  The grip is not as squishy..., July 30, 2010
The grip is not as squishy as your typical Alpha Gel but overall still has a great feel to it.
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  Another thing I noticed..., August 7, 2010
Another thing I noticed that I felt worth mentioning is that I find that HB lead works better than 2B for this pencil. I think, being that it is too soft, the 2B lead wears out too quickly, so even though the mechanism is working, the lead is being blunted faster (particularly given the extra force required to make the mechanism work). Maybe it's just me, but that problem was eliminated when I tried HB lead again. Just putting that out there.
  This pencil is literally..., May 17, 2014
This pencil is literally the only one I use about 90% of the time. I hated mechanical pencils and never used them, then I bought an 0.5mm Kuru Toga from my local big-box office supplies store and loved it. I figured I'd upgrade to a nicer body and it is oh so GOOD. If I could give this a 6/5, I would. It has changed my writing style and habits with its amazingness. The lead (I'm using HB) doesn't break unless I take it out and manhandle it, and I press pretty hard when writing. Zero issues with this pencil over the course of probably 4-6 months. Also, I don't write in cursive per se, but I connect a lot of my letters and write some letters loopier ("g", "j", "y") and the mechanism totally works for me. I can tell.

As an aside, this pencil influenced me to go from a woodcase pencil devotee to a proud Kuru Toga and Rotring 500 owner - and I like the Kuru Toga better, although the 500 is solid and beautiful. Give it a shot!
  OMG! It's even better..., September 18, 2013
OMG! It's even better than I expected! I love you jet pens!
  The Uni Alpha Gel Kuru..., May 18, 2013
By car...
The Uni Alpha Gel Kuru Toga is the best pencil ever!!! I just got it yesterday, and I have already fell in love with it.

Pros: squishy gel(gel gets squishier as you write more), Kuru Toga engine works well
Cons: expensive(but worth the money)
For those of you with lead stuck in you pencils, use 0.5 mm HB lead, not 2B lead and don't use 0.3 mm or 0.7 mm lead either.

If you want to buy another pencil instead, don't. Buy this one.
Any Pilot Dr. Grips: has a less squishy grip but has a shaky
Counterargument: shaky<Kuru Toga engine, grip is not squishy

Other Uni Alpha Gels: Squishier grip, shaky, lock
Counterargument: shaky<Kuru Toga engine, squishy grip=unstable grip

Other Kuru Togas: Kuru Toga engine
Counterargument: grip stinks

  i had one befor, but..., May 25, 2012
By mic...
i had one befor, but it was ehite grip with pink barrell and the barrell also had hello kitty on it. i loved it, but i think the grip is too firm.
  This is my second Kuru..., December 15, 2011
By dbo...
This is my second Kuru Toga pencil and I still love it. I love it so much, i never let my friends borrow it because its like my baby.
  I just got this today...., November 10, 2011
I just got this today. SUPER EXCITED. When I tested this out, the first thing i noticed is the soft gel and the way it seems to fit in my hand like a glove. I tested my dads koru toga and the only let down was that it hurts after a while of writing. So the people out there that thinks Alpha Gel is a Marketing Gimmick, its not its better then BOTH of my dads Dr.Grips. Also the Alpha gel seems thicker than most grippies so its even more comfortable. The only things I can think of that where bad about this thing was that It said 2 day shipping, Came on 3rd Day, And that the thing that you clip on to things seems flimsy. I would buy 1 million of these in a Heartbeat! Dont have broken led and sore fingers. Get this TODAY!
  I bought this pencil..., August 2, 2011
I bought this pencil for the "squishy" grip everyone raved about. It was NOT that squishy, more springy than anything. I am sorely disappointed :(
  GREAT pencil! Led doesn't..., June 22, 2011
By edw...
GREAT pencil! Led doesn't get stuck! Writing is very neat and nice but sometimes it makes this irritating squeeking noise. -_-
Will there be a Uni-Ball Alpha Gel Kuru Toga Shaky Mechanical Pencil with like more oozy cozy COLORS? Like the shaky series especially the Chrome ones! GORGEOUS!
  Awesome..., March 6, 2011
  Since uni-ball released..., September 3, 2010
By ebo...
Since uni-ball released the KURU-TOGA pencil it has been my favorite pencil ever, followed closely by the alpha-gel. This combination is just awesome because if the alpha-gel had something it was that the grip was too gelly for my taste and that has been fixed with this new pencil. The mechanics of the KURU-TOGA just work perfect and now the grip has the right consistency to write comfortably for a long time. If it had also the shake mechanism for the leads this would be the most amazing pencil ever!
  Personally, I find this..., August 1, 2010
Personally, I find this pencil much more comfortable to hold than the Uni KT High Grade. The grip and size is more or less perfectly suited to my liking. Mechanism works, but definitely preferable for more heavy handed writers because it requires a little push to get it working. However, the excellent design of this pen's body makes that seem like much less of a chore than the other versions if you're not used to it.

If you're getting a KT, I would recommend this one.
  The grip is very squishy!..., June 8, 2010
By shr...
The grip is very squishy! I love this pen! It works as good as the first Kurutoga with an added grip! I love it a lot, however one needs to keep the grip clean, it gathers carpet hair when left on the carpet...Overall, excellent!
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  When you twist the grip,..., May 14, 2011
When you twist the grip, it tends to lose its color
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  This pencil is o.k, because..., April 21, 2011
By liu...
This pencil is o.k, because the grip turns soft if you squish it a lot, but it always get jammed.
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  verygoodindeed..., March 13, 2011
By gol...
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  What kind of pencil lead..., June 24, 2010
What kind of pencil lead refill do you buy?
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  how squishy is the g..., June 6, 2010
how squishy is the grip?