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I AM IN LOVE. I am...
September 9, 2011
Verified Purchase

I am obsessed with writing instruments & once I find a great product, I'm loyal for life. When my fiance told me about this pencil, I couldn't believe my ears. I had to order it immediately. (Note: Shipping here at JetPens is absolutely terrific!) When I write, I write in all capitalized letters so this involves me picking up the pencil for each letter. This works wonderful with my writing style. If you prefer to write in cursive, this product may not work as well for you. You literally need to lift the pencil off of the paper in order for the lead to rotate.
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I am so happy with this...
February 2, 2011
Verified Purchase
I am so happy with this pencil so far. The grip is nice and squishy, but not annoying to hold or too bulky. The pencil itself is nice and thick, which is a nice change from the original Kuru Toga (which is also great). I am definitely considering buying at least one more of these in another color. Love it!
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I don't usually like...
September 2, 2010
Verified Purchase
I don't usually like pencils this thick, but the Kurutoga is fantastically proportioned. As a chronic pencil-spinner I wasn't sure if this pencil was going to help or hinder my writing but I definitely approve. Smooth writing action, effective if small eraser, and all-around good looks. Worth the price.
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These are just like Uni...
November 13, 2015
These are just like Uni Alpha-Gel pencils, only with the Kuru-Toga Rotating Lead Engine.


Two of my favourite pencils in one. The only thing that would make this pencil even better is the Skaka-Shaker engine. Still, great pencil. A bit on the pricey side but that's a small price too pay for such an amazing pencil. 5 stars.
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I do like using this...
June 27, 2012
Verified Purchase
I do like using this pencil quite a bit. At first I was hesitant to pick up this particular Kuru Toga because it looked pretty thick compared to the original, but the gel grip and the color of the pencil body won me over. And man, I'm glad I did decide to go ahead and try it out! I don't like thick pens or pencils at all, but this one still feels really nice in my hand. The lavender color is very nice, mine's a bit richer than it is in the preview pictures. Since the grip is white, I was a little worried about it collecting and showing dirt very quickly. But to my surprise, I haven't had that problem--Mine still looks the same now as it did a few months ago. And of course, the pencil itself works very well. I actually use this pencil for drawing rather than note taking most of the time (which it is also absolutely great for too!). While I typically don't draw hard enough to use the Kuru Toga mechanism to its full potential, I still enjoy having the mechanism because it provides a slight but really good firmness when you push the lead down on paper, which keeps the lead very stable and smooth as you drag it across the paper. All in all, a very nice pencil that works as good as it looks. ;)
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It writes smoothly over...
November 5, 2015
Verified Purchase
It writes smoothly over paper. Wonderful pencil. I highly recommend!
Yup, I am writing instrument...
October 2, 2015
Verified Purchase
Yup, I am writing instrument obsessed too. The more colors and styles, the better I like them. This pencil does everything it was advertised and I like the balance. I have two of them, one I leave at work and the other I carry with me. I prefer to use these over any other pencil.
I would give this 100...
June 13, 2015
I would give this 100 out of 10. This is honestly, my favorite pencil (the whole kuru toga automatic rotation pencil line is actually the best).

Grip - amazing, soft and comfortable (does get a little discolored over time but its fine and rubber grips will inevitably get a little dull over time) also it did not lose form like my alpha gel pencil (without the kuru toga function)
Lead - delivers uniform thickness, makes your handwriting look sooo much better
Weight - just right, not too heavy
Pencil Thickness - I usually work with thinner pencils, but the grip made the thickness fine to work with

price - a little more expensive than other pencils I work with

I have honestly stopped looking for other pencils because I love the kuru toga function so much. Although it is a little bit pricy, I definitely recommend getting this pencil.
The grip's really squishy,...
November 12, 2014
Verified Purchase
The grip's really squishy, maybe even more squishy than gummy bears. The purple color is more metallic than pastel purple. The spinning function actually works well. Personally, I don't press very hard when it comes to writing, but pencil still spins. The eraser is quite small, but I don't use the erasers on pencils because they don't erase well. Same goes with this eraser. I would use a staetdler eraser, as they work much better.

I absolutely recommend this pencil for anyone who's sick of spinning their pencil, as every time you write with this pencil, the lines are of the same thickness.
Scratch that, I would recommend this pencil to anyone.
This is one of my favorite...
August 21, 2014
This is one of my favorite casual mechanical pencils. Compared to the old Alpha Gel HD Shaker, this pencil has a lot more heft, which is good for your writing . The grip on this pencil is slimmer, stiffer, and easier to hold; however, the inner layers may stick together sometimes. Unfortunately, this pencil has no shaker feature, but I'm sure you can make a Kuru Toga shaker from numerous videos (in Japanese) on YouTube. Before this pencil, I didn't really like the Kuru Toga engine that much. I know they're supposed to have the same engine, so perhaps it's just that my standard Kuru Toga is faulty, but the engine works really in this pencil. Although the lead is 0.5mm wide, my words come out as if they were written by a 0.3mm pencil. The lavender color of the body is also very charming; as others have noted, though, it is a bit more on the silver side, so if you're on the fence between the pink model and this one, I would recommend the pink. Overall, I would highly recommend this pencil. It is fairly durable if you aren't as impractical as to carry it in your pockets or twirl it around all the time.
In terms of actual comfort, I'd say it's pretty good. I had a test where I had to write nonstop for over two hours; I alternated between this pencil and another pencil. When the test was completed, I still had incredibly sore fingers, but it would have been a lot worse had I used my Graph 1000.
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