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7 out of 7 people found the following review helpful
  My friend has this pencil..., March 19, 2012
My friend has this pencil and I love it! The best part (and the main reason why people buy this pencil) is the super soft and comfy grip. It is a liquidy, soft, green 100% gel grip that is squezy and jello-like. It is removable from the pencil and can be used on other pencils, but it will not be as soft as it is on the original pencil. This pencil has a small eraser on the top. If you'd like, you can buy refills right here on This unique pencil can extend its lead by a click on the cap at the top, or simply, shaking it. You can lock the pencil by clicking hard on the cap until you hear a click. To lock the pencil means to stop the lead from extending even if shaken or clicked on the cap. To unlock it, you click the cap harder than before until you hear a click. Let go on the cap after you hear it. Now, it's unlocked. This lead pencil is used with 0.5 lead. It also comes witha clip so you can clip it to your papers. Some bad things (or cons) about this pencil is that the grip is so soft that it is really fragile and may rip easily. Unfortunatly, there are no replacement grips for this pencil so you need to be very careful. If you want this pencil to last long, it needs to be well-used and being cared for. So, that being said, this is recommended for people 8+.Overall, I love this pencil. I bring it to school everyday. If you have any questions about this product (features, questions about grip, lead, what stores sell this pencil....), email me at I would love to answer each and every one of them and will answer them promtly. Bye! hope this helped!
5 out of 5 people found the following review helpful
  THIS IS THE BEST PENCIL..., November 3, 2011
THIS IS THE BEST PENCIL IVE EVER USD i used it for 4 years and still NO JAM :D
3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  This is the best pencil..., June 7, 2012
By stt...
This is the best pencil I have ever used. The grip is very soft, and that helps me when i'm drawing. The color is also very nice, because I just love the color green! And the shaker option is amazing! My only complaint is that when i shake it, it either puts out too much lead or not enough lead! But that is only a minor thing which is fixed easily.
But in all seriousness I would recommend this pencil to anybody and everybody. Excellent pencil.
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  Very nice, grip is very..., April 23, 2013
By soz...
Very nice, grip is very squishy, not many jams. Very very cool! My handwriting is very neat because of the grip, I can hang on easily.
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  Great pencil, but most..., May 8, 2010
By chr...
Great pencil, but most people love the Shaka Shaker Pencil's the most, I'm a rebel and like the thick and slim pencils best, but that still can't keep me from rating this what it's worth!

earvin - Get your parents to buy them for you via credit card or PayPal.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  Uni-ball Alpha Gel Shaka..., October 15, 2009
Uni-ball Alpha Gel Shaka Shaker Pencil - 0.5 mm

- Perfect balance in weight.
- Gel provides comfort in people who tend to write fast or extensively.
- Revised clip, better than the HD series one.
- Shaker is okay.

- Grip rips very easily, good care is recommended to avoid this.
- The shaking mechanism sometimes jams.
- No lower grip for writers who grip the pencil low.

1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  Yay! I got another one!!!!..., October 14, 2009
Yay! I got another one!!!! Well i reccommend this to everyone! Jetpens rox! :D
  Nice pencil, has a little..., August 27, 2014
Nice pencil, has a little bit of a better writing feel compared to the slim one (that one is too thin for me...) the quality isn't that good however and the grip rips easily but the alpha grip is so amazing that it is probably worth it...
  One of the best pencils..., September 26, 2013
One of the best pencils I have ever used. No words can describe the soft watery feeling of the grip, when i first felt it in high school I immediately fell in love with, why are you still reading this GO AND BUY ONE ALREADY!
  Very nice, grip is very..., April 23, 2013
By soz...
Very nice, grip is very squishy, not many jams. Very very cool! My handwriting is very neat because of the grip, I can hang on easily.
  What a great pencil!..., March 4, 2013
What a great pencil! Very pleasant to hold and use, and the squishy grip alleviates sore spots on your fingers when used for an extended period. The shaker mechanism is very handy when using a soft lead that needs to be extended relatively often.

For whatever reason my shaker doesn't work quite as advertised - instead of it becoming a shaker when the button is pressed down completely, it is a shaker *and* a button-click extender normally, and the button locking simply keeps it from extending lead at all. This doesn't bother me at all since I just lock the button to keep lead from accidentally coming out when it's being jostled in my backpack.

Besides that little quirk it has quickly become my favorite pencil for schoolwork.
  I want to recomment on..., August 1, 2012
I want to recomment on what I said on the previous reviews...this pencil is fairly squishy and when u lock the pencil, u can just pull the lead out... Usually, u have to push the button in the top until u get the lead out. But no for this pencil... U just push it like a pen(it even kind of works like a pen but pencil) and u can pull the lead out. U can push it half way and it will work like one of those normal mechanical pencils. But I recommend the originals better than the shaka shaker series.... Over all, I highly recommend this.
  Ithis pencil is amazing!!!!!!!..., July 28, 2012
Ithis pencil is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soo excited to get this pencil...I just ordered it and I am worried. On the delivery place thing...... It says that there is no tracking and the delivery is not garunteed.still u could loc this pencil and it is just amazing... It is squishy and.. Here this is the kind of writing I learned in summer school and I am using the topic of this pencil... As u lay a few fingers and use some strength, u feel the instant ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh in ur lips....... The bad thing is that this grip could rip.That is the reason why I give it 4 stars....
  This pencil is not as..., July 25, 2012
This pencil is not as squishy as it looks.....If u look at the nail of the person squishing it, it is all white.. U have to squish REALLY hard you make it look like that.. But I still recommend it.. It is fantastic and it is pretty squishy.. But the original one is more squishy and it is cheaper
  people laugh at me because..., April 29, 2010
By lov...
people laugh at me because i dont have it. i am so getting it. mark my words
  Great pencil, I love..., March 15, 2010
By me
Great pencil, I love it.

emilyrosechen, do you go to Odle?
  AWESOME!!..., January 12, 2010
  This pencil is by far..., July 24, 2009
This pencil is by far one of the best shakers ever. JetPens has the lowest price too. The grip isnt as squishy as it seems tho.
  This is a great pencil!..., May 31, 2009
This is a great pencil! Although the regular alpha gels have a squisher grip...I highly recommend this pencil for everyone. Especially people who like shakers!
  This pencil is awesome..., January 24, 2009
This pencil is awesome you can lock it so the lead doesn't go out. This grip is so squishy and it is a shaker. This pencil is the best buy it now!
  Fast shipment and the..., January 17, 2009
Fast shipment and the pencil works great. For a person who loves the Tul mechanichal pencil I have to say the Uni-ball beat it by a landslide. Can't wait until the Kuru restocks I would like to try different pencils from Uni-ball. But the grip keeps me entertained, because it's sooo squishy ^_^
  super great pencil! and..., December 15, 2008
super great pencil! and useful(=
  OH MY GOSH!!!!! this..., October 26, 2008
OH MY GOSH!!!!! this pencil is amazing!!!! You can actually "turn it off" so when its in your pencil bag or wherever you put it, it wont make the lead come out.... also, the grip is so squishy. it feels so good to write with and during long lectures, you can just play with the grip!!!! I would recomend it to everyone who writes... they also have them in pens!!!!
  In the current Japanese..., October 6, 2008
By 004461
In the current Japanese market, this is a fairly new product. This product has proved to be a popular mechanical pencil in Japan. This is my favourite mechanical pencil in the series of all uni-ball mechanical pencils.
  This is the best! The..., October 4, 2008
By cstahr
This is the best! The only problem is, after six months, the shaka stops working. It isn't just this green one, but all the others. Even without the shaka, it's still a kick ass pencil!