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  I would definitely recommend..., April 3, 2013
By ethan
I would definitely recommend this pencil to anybody. The grip is outstanding but it is easy to puncture but other than that it is an all in all great pen.
  OMG this is the PERFECT..., March 22, 2013
By jer...
OMG this is the PERFECT pencil for 2 reasons

1. The grip

This grip is BY FAR the best grip I have felt in my life. It makes the other grips you put on wooden pencils seem like hard rubber. But, when you get it, it is a bit stiff but still comfy; so use it alot and it will get alot squishier.

2. The Shaker

The shaker makes it so that you will almost never have to touch that button at the top to extend the lead. It also feels good too. I don't know how to describe it though.

The price may be expensive, but it was well worth it for the quality. I would be willing to pay $50 on it.
  I think I got a bad one,..., March 13, 2013
By dia...
I think I got a bad one, cause whenever I pressed the locked in thing the lead goes right back in so I can't write with it @ all. I can write without locking it but if i need to lock it it won't let me write what is up with that?
  A wonderfully comfy pen...., June 14, 2012
A wonderfully comfy pen. I've been ssearching for years for a pen this soft and gooey around the middle. I have a callous on my finger from the pressure I use when I write--THIS pen has helped so much with the pain I suffer from normal pens. I love this pencil! I bought 4B lead, which is a little soft, but helps me not write as hard becauseit's already dark. I did find the shaking feature cool, but I had a hard time with it, lol. I'm still working it out. Other than that, the grip alone is worth ever dang penny! Eraser is small and the metal barrel will be hard to keep track of, so get another eraser! Thanks again Jetpens!
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  very bad, the agel i..., May 16, 2012
By mic...
very bad, the agel i got, and the lead jammed suddenly one day, and the lead barrell bent. i have never been able to use it again ever since that incident.
  A wonderful pencil with..., April 28, 2012
A wonderful pencil with the most addictive grip! I love to squish the grip in class! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!
  really wonderful pencil...., December 24, 2011
By aut...
really wonderful pencil. the grip isnt the squishiest, but it is shaky and has that lock/unlock cap. you can also unscrew the barrel (the metal part on the top) to reveal a clear casing. well worth the price
  yes i just recieved it..., January 12, 2011
By sar
yes i just recieved it today and its the best pencil i ever had
  im sooo excited im getting..., January 5, 2011
By graty
im sooo excited im getting this on saturday or sunday yaaay my friends have the black one and the pink one and im getting the orange one
  This is a good pencil. 4..., February 18, 2010
This is a good pencil.
4 stars in my opinion.
Great lead and shaker option and the clicking part is great
BEST part is definitely squishy grip.
But if you want really squishy ones,
get the HDs or tints
but if you want regular good lead, get the uni alpha shaka shakas!!!
btw--orange is not that good color
  This pencil is sooooooo..., February 12, 2010
By sha...
This pencil is sooooooo good. My grip hasn't broke yet, and I squish it everyday. I used to use the pilot G2 pencil, and after I used the agel, the G2 felt like trash. Overall, this pencil is awesome and the grip is so squishy. It is a bit pricy though, but i still reccommend it.
  Uni-ball Alpha Gel Shaka..., October 15, 2009
Uni-ball Alpha Gel Shaka Shaker Pencil - 0.5 mm

- Perfect balance in weight.
- Gel provides comfort in people who tend to write fast or extensively.
- Revised clip, better than the HD series one.
- Shaker is okay.

- Grip rips very easily, good care is recommended to avoid this.
- The shaking mechanism sometimes jams.
- No lower grip for writers who grip the pencil low.

  This pencil is awesome!!!..., June 4, 2009
This pencil is awesome!!! I like fiddling sith the shaking part... but the grip ripsif you grip it too hard RRIPPP!!! Awesome pencil!
  AWESOME!!!!! It's the..., May 30, 2009
AWESOME!!!!! It's the bomb.
  This mechanical pencil..., May 1, 2009
This mechanical pencil is so GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super squuishy grip, and its shaky too.
  And adding to my other..., January 10, 2009
And adding to my other comment, there is a dislike i have of this pencil, its that it costs to much but My Uni-ball Jetstream cost 6$ more so ya. But still it has the good quality thats why it has a high price.
  THe best pencil in the..., January 10, 2009
THe best pencil in the world. I love it!!!! It's so amazing and everyone wants the pencil, and they ask u for it. It is the best pencil i ever had beside my Uni-Ball Shift Pipe LOCK Mechanical Pencil. This pencil deserves a 5/5
  In the current Japanese..., October 6, 2008
By 004461
In the current Japanese market, this is a fairly new product. This product has proved to be a popular mechanical pencil in Japan. This is my favourite mechanical pencil in the series of all uni-ball mechanical pencils.
  this is a great pencil..., March 15, 2008
this is a great pencil and if you like it then i recommend u buy it. it has squishy grip that feels great and the lead option is great so i can turn off all the lead when my little cousin plays with it, VERY GOOD PENCIL!!!!!!!!!
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  dear jetpens and fans..., January 3, 2011
By jap...
dear jetpens and fans of jetpens,
i have a problem on this pencil i really want this but whenever i ask my dad he keeps on saying later, later, later but i want this more than you could ever know so please comment on what should i do soon please jetpens!!!!!
sarah keshavarz