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  Just got the pen today..., September 26, 2011
Just got the pen today and found a couple things that I feel people should be aware of:

1) The body of the pen isn't aluminum like it is for the regular Alpha Gel, it's just chromoplastic as so many pens seem to be. It does, however, have a metal clip which I think is important having broken several on the all plastic Jetstreams.

2) It uses different refills than the standard Alpha Gel, it's good and bad I think, I had sadly purchased a few refills in advance, because I figured my Alpha gel would last me a while and I'd need refills eventually. The refills for the Alpha Gel Slim are much longer, but slimmer, so I'm not sure how long they will last. Otherwise, great pen!
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  this pencil is very slim..., June 14, 2012
By hir...
this pencil is very slim and comfortable to hold, weight is perfect, but i was a bit disapointed with the squishyness of the grip. it was much firmer than i expected, although it was still squishier than all other grips. (maybe i had too high expectations...) and a bit expensive though...
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  easily best grip there..., January 11, 2012
easily best grip there is it may be better on the fat ones but thats an extra three bucks plus has a fine tip and super smooth ink best pen i own and im a pen collector!
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  I bought this one because..., February 27, 2012
By xls...
I bought this one because I bought the mechanical pencil version and thought I would love this pen and much as the pencil. I was wrong...I do like the grip and the ink flow, but I don't like how my writing is different compared to the pencil. Overall, it's still a great pen.