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March 8, 2012
The pencil is so soft...
Verified Purchase
The pencil is so soft and squishy that it's irresistible. It truly was love at first sight. The pencil has a real cool feeling and is worth it. The pencil is very pretty. I recommend people to buy it.

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August 21, 2014
This is a wonderful pencil....
This is a wonderful pencil. However, I cannot say the same about its 0.5mm cousin. I have both and while both are fairly scratchy, the writing in this one comes out clean and fine while that of the 0.5mm Alpha Gel slim looks too bold. Aside from being slightly scratchy, this pencil also has the tendency to wobble slightly as the end of the pencil is not fully secure. Nonetheless, this is still a good pencil. There really aren't that much 0.3mm pencils and this is definitely one of the best if you don't consider drafting pencils. Compared to mechanical drafting pencils, the lead sleeve is much shorter, but consequently much sturdier. As a result, I feel much safer throwing this into my pencil bag for school than my other 0.3mm pencils. I like how it's still a needle tip, unlike the Pilot Airblanc (the c is silent, apparently). Also, because of its width, this pencil is more comfortable when writing compared to the Alpha Gel HD Shaka Shaka thingy. It's also really cute; the white body series is definitely one of my favorites.

January 26, 2010
This pencil is awesome....
Verified Purchase
This pencil is awesome. I got the .3 lead and thought that it would be bad, but it's perfect! tThe grip is nice, it has the best clip in the whole A-gel series, and amazing color. When I brought it to class, over the next 3 months, 9 other kids bought it!!

June 25, 2009
@ Benvens1: You can...
@ Benvens1:

You can get 0.3 lead here... ____
There's uni-ball AIN lead in Japantown (well... at least where I live there is) available for all lead sizes (0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.7, 0.9, and some others). That's not really an excuse because, like I said above, 0.3 lead is also available here at Jetpens.

Anyways... back to reviewing! I got this one because the chance of the barrel scratching is lower than that of the silver barrel of the same series (with royal blue grip). My friend had that one and it scratched easily. This pencil is great for my writing (which is small and slightly compact). This is good if you have slim hands but it is also good for "fat" hands. The only problem is that 0.3 lead is fragile and can break easily ___
But that's not the pencil's fault now is it?

Good buy. A little high priced though.. __

May 30, 2009
This is AWESOME! Lead...
This is AWESOME! Lead is fairly easy to get. Although the grip is not as good as the other unslim ones.

October 15, 2009
Uni-ball Alpha Gel Slim...
Uni-ball Alpha Gel Slim Mechanical Pencil - 0.3 mm

- Gel provides comfort to those that write fast or for a very long period of time.
- Light-weight, perfect for those pencil spinners out there.
- Clip is the best out of all the Alpha Gel series.
- Smooth, brilliant design.

- Too small to write very accurate things in with a big hand.
- The cap can come off easily if used over and over again.

Overall, this is a pencil that is recommended for students who like light weight pencils with great grip to write with.


April 13, 2009
You have to get 0.3 mm...
Verified Purchase
You have to get 0.3 mm lead and its rare in stores