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  I won't go into much..., October 10, 2012
By suin2d
I won't go into much detail since todavecave has done a good job at explaining how it works.
All I will add is that if you're using any kind of paper with tooth, anything higher than a 2B pencil with moderate pressure will leave a grey ghost. Otherwise, this is a great eraser.
  For a long time, I've..., October 7, 2012
By dea...
For a long time, I've been hunting for the 'perfect' eraser, and now I've found it! I love how the eraser bits clump together instead of being scattered, or worse yet, tiny bits lodged onto the paper! It's really annoying to wipe, blow, beat a piece of paper into the bin and have eraser bits left behind. Black is the new white, and I love how it doesn't look grubby after using it! At first I was surprised and slightly disappointed upon seeing how small it was (even though clearly there were pictures showing it being held, lol) but my disappointment disappeared after realising I was one of those types who never used up a whole eraser. I'd only use about a quarter then I'd toss it aside in favour of a new one! This eraser is perfect in every way, and I can definitely see myself using every last bit of it. Will be stocking up on more!
  Excellent eraser! It..., September 8, 2012
Excellent eraser!
It erases cleanly and well the first time, no damage to the paper or ink!
I just thought it would be bigger, compared to my MOO it's a baby, but it's an awesome baby! I definitely buy it again!
  I love this eraser. It..., June 8, 2012
I love this eraser. It use to use this when I studied languages in the far East. You can't beat Japanese made erasers. They made the best. Once you use one. You can never go back.
  It erased better than..., March 16, 2012
It erased better than white ones. Looks better.
  Best eraser I've got...., March 8, 2012
By sha...
Best eraser I've got. Good price, nice size, leaves paper nice & clean. Black seemed weird but is a non-issue.
  Love this eraser! ..., November 30, 2011
Love this eraser!
  This is the best Eraser..., November 15, 2011
This is the best Eraser I ever used after The Seed Comikeshi eraser.
Leaves no pencil marks and as it says in the description
Leaves about 1-2 strands of debris.
Dont Doubt this Eraser, Just get it and experience this.
High Recommended,This was right on the Money.
  awesome you barely..., November 2, 2011
By kam...
awesome you barely have to press to erase something
  A lot smaller than I..., October 5, 2011
A lot smaller than I was expecting. Kind of thin but still overall a great eraser. Recommend this over the Tombow Mono eraser. Very well designed eraser that is definitely worth the price.
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  A wonderful eraser! It..., May 31, 2011
By ebe...
A wonderful eraser! It erases more cleanly than any others I have tried, and it leaves no residue, so you can go over the area with ink or pencil easily. And cheap! What more could you want?
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  Works better than any..., April 14, 2011
By emily
Works better than any eraser I've tried before. It's tiny, so it gets those small areas, and it doesn't damage ink when I go over inked sketches with this. It sorta crumbles a lot when it erases.
  Excellent eraser!..., March 23, 2011
By dav...
Excellent eraser!
  This eraser is excellent-..., January 11, 2011
By cyn...
This eraser is excellent- it erases very cleanly with little effort. The black colour of the eraser ensures that the graphite on it isn't evident, leaving it looking brand new all the time. The long and narrow shape of the eraser is a little awkward, though. It's my favourite eraser now.
  these work really well!!! i..., December 9, 2010
these work really well!!!
i would give them a 9 out of 10.
"MOO" erasers seem to work better for me.
the bad thing about these is that they are almost too high density which makes it difficult to erase areas that are thickly covered in graphite. it kinda just glides over it without erasing. but thats just a minor fault.
  This is a sexy little..., October 13, 2010
This is a sexy little eraser! It does its job and I aim at a simple life style as well.
  It's my favorite eraser..., October 7, 2010
It's my favorite eraser for more than 3 years!
  Great eraser - even erases..., October 3, 2010
By gra...
Great eraser - even erases charcoal and Conte pencil marks. Better than erasers, such as the Factis, designed for that.
  I love the compact size..., August 28, 2010
By sugoii
I love the compact size and unique color/styling of this eraser! It performs quite well too, all smooth erasing and easy mop-up. It's not quite as responsive as the Tombow Mono, but still a fantastic eraser in its own right!
  PLEASE RESTOCK! need..., July 20, 2010
By ipf...
need more for school!

  Wow with all these reviews..., July 8, 2010
Wow with all these reviews you guys and girls have taken all I have to say. Very small eraser compared to some (Stick like) but erases like ther's no tommorow and yes this is worth your $1.25 hands down!
  I heart Boxy! It would..., June 19, 2010
I heart Boxy!
It would be nice if there was a wider version, but it erases great and doesn't leave smudges. Admittedly I got suckered in by the Engrish on the label, but it's sturdy and my go-to eraser.
  Not kidding, best eraser..., June 5, 2010
By ipf...
Not kidding, best eraser I've ever used.

wow, you can't even see the marks after.

  an eraser that pretty..., May 21, 2010
an eraser that pretty much speaks for itself. (esp on the box)...

but, it's smaller than it looks in the pic. You'll have it for a long time though, even if you erase A WHOLE LOT. It also doesn't take much to erase.
it's worth you buck
  Awesome eraser - I'm..., September 16, 2009
By baberb
Awesome eraser - I'm an engineering student, and we have to do a lot of erasing. There is no comparison to this eraser, in my opinion.

Only thing: the paper cuts into the side, and the tip falls off. The EP-100BX was a "fatter" eraser, and did not flex as much so didn't have that problem

Where in the world can i find an EP-100BX???? The fat one! Someone please help!!
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