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I didn't think it was...
January 27, 2016
Verified Purchase
I didn't think it was possible for an eraser to feel so nice, but hey, first time for everything. My only complaint is that I need to be careful of storing this eraser in my pencil case because I don't want it to ruin my pens. If only there were a plastic sleeve to cover the entire eraser so I didn't have to worry about that...
Yes, I concur with the...
January 26, 2016
Verified Purchase
Yes, I concur with the statement that this may be one of the best erasers available.
I bought nearly every...
January 24, 2016
Verified Purchase
I bought nearly every block eraser that Japan makes in a recent shopping binge. As a math major, I need lots of erasers as it is, but I also wanted to determine which ones worked best for my needs. I tested all of the erasers on three different types of pencils: a Pilot Eno color .7, a Pentel graphite .5 and a Pentel color 2mm, and then on three different paper types: Rhodia, an index card, and then plain old American junk copier paper.

The type of paper wound up not mattering with the performance of any of the erasers. What mattered was what they were erasing.

So with that established:

I wanted to love the Uni Boxy. I really did. I liked the sleek black color and adored the way it felt in my hand. The shape makes it easy to maneuver with this eraser, and my hand never gets tired using it. It worked very well on .5 and .7 leads, color and graphite.

Where it fell flat was with the 2 mm Pentel color leads. It was worse than most erasers at cleaning that up, and that's a deal breaker for me, because I use the Pentel every single day for my math work.

I also don't like that this eraser does not play well with other items. I put it in a small case with some American pencil case-type office supplies that I cadged from work just for this test, and let it ride in my backpack while I went to work, then a study group session. Unfortunately, it's true that the Boxy stains plastic items that come into contact with it. That's a nail in the coffin for this eraser. I'm not about to put it in a case with items I do care about, which is what I carry with me every day.

It will sit on my desk at home now, which is fine, but that doesn't do me much good, when I do so much of my work away from home.
It's a good quality eraser....
January 2, 2016
Verified Purchase
It's a good quality eraser. The packaging is poor-gets worn out easily. You have to be careful when erasing. If you use it too harshly the eraser will start splitting.
Works very well as a...
December 31, 2015
Verified Purchase
Works very well as adverstised.
Awesome erasers wish...
December 28, 2015
Verified Purchase
Awesome erasers wish they were a bit bigger though
Purchased for my artist...
December 28, 2015
Verified Purchase
Purchased for my artist son. He gives this eraser 2 thumbs up. Says it does a good job. Was using a Staedtler white eraser. It's good to have options.
Works great!...
December 24, 2015
Verified Purchase
Works great!
Not bad, but Stadler...
December 24, 2015
Verified Purchase
Not bad, but Stadler Mars is a tad better quality.
Works very well, but...
December 17, 2015
Verified Purchase
Works very well, but not as well as a Pentel Hi-Polymer eraser.
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