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August 24, 2013
I love this eraser! I...
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I love this eraser! I use it for big projects! :)

July 8, 2013
I have used these erasers...
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I have used these erasers sense I stared college in 2009, or at least from the UNI company, and they are my all time favorites. I recommend this to any college or high school student that makes frequent mistakes, or is just indecisive, like me.

May 26, 2013
This is an excellent...
Verified Purchase
This is an excellent eraser! I used to only use Tombow Monos, even Staedtlers did not clean well enough for my usage as an art student. This eraser cleans more thoroughly than the Tombow Monos, producing less eraser dust, and wearing slower also. I even prefer this eraser over kneaded putty erasers.

April 28, 2013
Very nice form factor,...
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Very nice form factor, lasts longer, I guess that you can tell it is a very nice eraser for the 50+ positive reviews.

February 6, 2013
This is the best eraser...
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This is the best eraser I have ever used!

November 17, 2012
really cool eraser, however...
really cool eraser, however a lot smaller than i anticipated, its very good but it doesn't start gathering the shavings until its rounded. the eraser fits well in my hands and lasts pretty long

October 31, 2012
I must say yes, yes,...
Verified Purchase
I must say yes, yes, yes to all the other positive reviews. I work in an archive, and we only use pencils, and we use a lot of erasers. The library buys the Staetler white ones. I like the way they work, but hate the way they always look dirty. My little Boxy is nice and clean, even after two months of use AND riding in my pocket all day. It erases cleanly and with a gentle touch.

October 10, 2012
I won't go into much...
Verified Purchase
I won't go into much detail since todavecave has done a good job at explaining how it works.
All I will add is that if you're using any kind of paper with tooth, anything higher than a 2B pencil with moderate pressure will leave a grey ghost. Otherwise, this is a great eraser.

October 7, 2012
For a long time, I've...
Verified Purchase
For a long time, I've been hunting for the 'perfect' eraser, and now I've found it! I love how the eraser bits clump together instead of being scattered, or worse yet, tiny bits lodged onto the paper! It's really annoying to wipe, blow, beat a piece of paper into the bin and have eraser bits left behind. Black is the new white, and I love how it doesn't look grubby after using it! At first I was surprised and slightly disappointed upon seeing how small it was (even though clearly there were pictures showing it being held, lol) but my disappointment disappeared after realising I was one of those types who never used up a whole eraser. I'd only use about a quarter then I'd toss it aside in favour of a new one! This eraser is perfect in every way, and I can definitely see myself using every last bit of it. Will be stocking up on more!

September 8, 2012
Excellent eraser! It...
Verified Purchase
Excellent eraser!
It erases cleanly and well the first time, no damage to the paper or ink!
I just thought it would be bigger, compared to my MOO it's a baby, but it's an awesome baby! I definitely buy it again!

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