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  great eraser, i recommend..., July 7, 2009
By mchoyy
great eraser, i recommend taking off the paper covering so that it would not "cut" the eraser.. i left mine on and about halfway through, i had to erase carefully to maintain a whole eraser.
  it is OKOK eraser, but..., June 5, 2009
it is OKOK eraser, but since everybody says it's so good, i decided to get my friend to get me one, of course she did, and the earser worked out pretty well, until i changed to using H leads. Anyways... i recommend this to people who like block, black, and no-need-to-swipe eraser
  Works like a charm! Cleans..., November 9, 2008
Works like a charm! Cleans up mistakes very well. Soft rubber means rate of use is high.
  this eraser is awesome!..., August 19, 2008
By xs3m1x
this eraser is awesome! it erases really well and requires relatively less effort to erase than most other erasers i think. and its BLACK! its so cool!
the only thing is, its really soft so i use it up pretty fast.
if you're planning of getting these, make sure you get a bunch, because you're gonna love them! oh yea, and if you use hard lead, you probably should look for a harder eraser.
  i love this eraser! its..., July 8, 2008
i love this eraser!
its amazing!
and i love thats its not the typical white that everyone else has
  This is the best eraser..., May 16, 2008
This is the best eraser I have ever had the pleasure of using. It is great, and erases very well. It seems like it will last a lifetime.
  This eraser is amazing...., March 27, 2008
This eraser is amazing. It is a soft eraser with high class preformance--it is very easy to correct ones mistake with a light touch. It leaves no trace of what was written--only the ereaser debris need to be blown away. In short, true to its name, Boxy always keep it simple with superior preformance at a small price. If your still in doubt just by one and be your own judge... you won't regret it.
  i acquired one of these..., March 10, 2008
i acquired one of these amazing rubbers through one of my friends from hong kong (i live in england). I think that they are AMAZING! I love the colour and the ease at which it rubs things out. quite unlike the rubbers that you can get in the UK, which are to be honest absolutely rubbish. I find that i am turning more and more to japan and hong kong for my stationary.
  I seriously love these..., June 20, 2007
I seriously love these erasers. They a) erase very well b) have a nice color (I really like black) c) last a very long time.

However, I do like the Pilot Foam Erasers better (if only JetPens sold them too...)

Still, this is one great eraser
  Several interesting things..., May 2, 2007
Several interesting things about this eraser:
1) It's black and awesome, and it goes well with the all black Ohto Promecha (after proper alterations)
2) It'll last you forever.
3) I've grown so attached to it (I need help) that I've taped my email and a $10 reward to the inside of the label. (... and a $20 reward note for the Promecha)...
4) It's a marker of time, since the shape changes so slowly. Stationary is one of the few things in this consumer world of ours that age like wine.
  VERY VERY soft eraser..., September 1, 2006
By khadge
VERY VERY soft eraser that, due to its size, can fit almost anywhere. The color is a little weird, being black, but it erases VERY well. In my opinion it erases with more ease than my Tombow MONO.
  I just bought like 5..., July 25, 2006
I just bought like 5 of these after first time trying them they became one of my favourite rubber. They rub out excently, shame that jetpens dont have the white one.

Buy this (only $1.50) and try out for yourself.
  Thought I wouldnt see..., November 1, 2005
Thought I wouldnt see these erasers again. Jetpens read my mind. Love the shape, and works great!
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  I got this eraser today..., May 15, 2012
By dar...
I got this eraser today it is awesome, the eraser shavings clump up making it easier to wipe away. Plus it works well even on 4b lead
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  This is THE BEST eraser..., November 22, 2011
By cla...
This is THE BEST eraser I've ever had. The black makes it always look clean, and the eraser clumps up so it's easy to wip from the paper. DO NOT leave the paper sleave on. It cuts into the eraser, and then it leaves you with broken clumps. It doesn't wear down that fast, and it fits well in your hand. I do wish it was in the shape of another block eraser like the Pilot Foam or Pentel Hi-Polymer.
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  honestly there is no..., October 1, 2011
honestly there is no better eraser than the BLACK PEARL. if you have yet to check it out, do so soon. the unique shape of the black pearl is great for precision erasing. imagine the boxy, but with a much better shape to it.

pink pearls are terrible. mars is good, black pearls are the greatest.
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  This is my new favorite..., July 28, 2011
This is my new favorite eraser. It erases effortlessly and is the perfect size for erasing single letters.
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  I love this eraser my..., May 15, 2008
I love this eraser my friends are so jelus ?
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  I'm sticking with the..., February 1, 2010
I'm sticking with the Staedtler "Mars plastic" eraser. This one is very soft and feels like it will bend apart at the middle; I have a heavy hand and want an eraser that has a more solid feel.
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  As far as block erasers..., January 14, 2009
As far as block erasers go, it's nothing very special, comparable to a Pink Pearl.
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