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An eraser of great q...
September 30, 2015
Verified Purchase
An eraser of great quality.
Pretty soft for an eraser;...
September 24, 2015
Verified Purchase
Pretty soft for an eraser; wears down easily. By no means some kind of magic eraser, but it's probably one of the best ones I've come across. The label doesn't fall off with wear like the Pentel erasers, which is nice. Overall, for day-to-day use, I would prefer this over the Pentel erasers because it is just the right size and performs well. In terms of erasing, however, I think Pentel is better. (For instance, if this eraser smudges, which it does rarely, sometimes it cannot erase that smudge. Which is mildly annoying.)
Uni Boxy erasers are...
September 11, 2015
Verified Purchase
Uni Boxy erasers are my erasers of choice. They're very sturdy and love the simple design. I can't help but keep ordering them!
Great Product! Great...
August 21, 2015
Verified Purchase
Great Product! Great Service!
A good eraser, used on...
August 20, 2015
Verified Purchase
A good eraser, used on HB graphite markings, erases smoothly and cleanly with little to no smudge.
Provides the superior...
August 19, 2015
Verified Purchase
Provides the superior erasing power of uniball black erasers with a larger format. Very effective large area eraser but still more compact than typical white and pink secondary erasers. Great eraser all around.
Erases well!...
August 18, 2015
Verified Purchase
Erases well!
The Boxy erases well...
August 17, 2015
Verified Purchase
The Boxy erases well and I use it a lot but it definitely makes a mess ... an easy-to-clean mess, but a bit of a mess nonetheless. It's not abrasive on sketch paper. I prefer Matomaru-kun and Sakura foam before the Boxy, but it's in my top five for sure! I too appreciate that it is black and you can't tell how dirty it is at a glance.

The only real con (and it can be a disastrous one), is that I had stored it in my pencil case and it melted the paint off of and had adhered to one of my wooden Col-Erase pencils and left a green sticky mess, I was kind of horrified. That is avoidable however, and I would definitely buy more of these. If your pencil does adhere to the eraser, they are both washable and the paint should come off without too much trouble :)
Hands down the best eraser...
August 11, 2015
Verified Purchase
Hands down the best eraser I have ever owned, minimal erasings mean easy clean up even if rubbing out a large area. It clears up the line without a trace almost every time and the fact that its black means you cant see where you've used it meaning it always looks clean and neat. Another amazing thing about this eraser is that its rectangle shape means you've always got a sharp corner to erase with. If you are looking for a great eraser, this is what I would recommend !!
Best eraser I've used....
August 10, 2015
Verified Purchase
Best eraser I've used. I write with the Blacking Pearls and this erases it completely.
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