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I use the red, blue,...
March 14, 2010
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I use the red, blue, and green leads from this line to make color coordinated notes in school. These colored leads are best erasing leads I have found thus far, but if left in direct sunlight will fade very fast. These seem about as strong as the Pentel Ain leads available here, but those do not erase nearly as well.
My only complaint against the green is that I wish it wrote a little darker the first time around and would gladly accept a softer/faster wearing lead for it.
The blue has stayed strong and written dark - no complaints whatsoever.
The red writes dark enough, but the leads that were in my pencil seemed to get dry and brittle after a while (causing numerous pencil jams). However, the red leads that were left at home in my desk drawer did not get dry and brittle so this leads me to believe that the brittleness may be caused by heat from being left in the car.
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I am using this in my...
August 17, 2012
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I am using this in my Pentel Twist-Erase III and it works pretty well. I haven't had any lead breakage and the color is dark enough to write with but not as dark as some people would probably prefer. The eraser on my pencil can erase AIN 2B lead like it was never there but it does leave some marks with this lead although it's not bad if you don't write too hard on the paper.
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My favourite blue lead!...
January 15, 2016
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My favourite blue lead! It doesn't feel very brittle which is nice, and it's relatively erasable. What a great lead.
I have these leads in...
October 16, 2014
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I have these leads in non-repro blue, blue, green and red with the lead the same color as the pencil. For the price they are excellent leads, produce a consistent line, and perform flawlessly. My only complaint is that it appears that UNI is discontinuing the red, green, blue and non-repro blue leads. I can get them in 0.7 mm leads but that is too wide a line.
Looks pretty good to...
June 15, 2011
Looks pretty good to me, but Can anyone tell me exactly how this looks or give a link of drawing with all the pencil leads? I want to see how it loks like.
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