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Being new to the colored...
February 20, 2013
Verified Purchase

Being new to the colored lead fad I decided to buy the three biggest brands of 0.5mm lead. Staedtler Mars MIcro (blue), UNI-ball (red), and Pentel Stein (red). I wanted to buy each brand in red but mars was only offered in blue.

Erasability: Both the Pentel and Mars leads were impossible to erase and act like an indelible pencil. The UNI however erased as easy as normal graphite. (I tried using both normal pencil erasers as well as the premium hi-polymer erasers).

Durability: Both the Pentel Stein and the UNI appeared to be fairly comparable in their durability (the UNI may be slightly stronger). The MARS lead reminded me of those 2 foot long rubber pencils that you use to play with as a kid (huge fail)

The left handed smudge: writing more like an indelible pencil both the MARS and Pentel appeared to be resistant to smudging. Although the UNI smudged noticeably less than a standard graphite lead it could not compete with the other two.

Color and depth: Both the Mars and UNI appear to write with a deeper and smooth feel while the Pentel offers a slightly more crisp feel.

Overall I am most impressed with the UNI however will be investing in the Pentel because I need an indelible pencil for work.
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Works ok in my Pentel...
August 17, 2012
Verified Purchase
Works ok in my Pentel Twist-Erase III, no lead breakage problems. In my opinion the red color isn't dark enough to use it for writing but it is good for underlining or drawing. Most of this red lead is erasable with the eraser on my pencil but it's not a perfect erase like it is with AIN 2B graphite lead.
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This lead is okay. The...
January 15, 2016
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This lead is okay. The colour isn't very bright or true, i's more of a hot coral pink than a true red.
Waxy, off-red, more of...
December 25, 2014
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Waxy, off-red, more of a dirty burgundy that's not very rich in pigment and deflects graphite over-drawing. Better for a toothier paper for rough sketching, would not use as an under-drawing tool for finished lineart though.
Color wise this is a...
December 12, 2014
Verified Purchase
Color wise this is a pretty strong red. It writes well and even but it's not the easiest to erase. My real problem is with durability. I had this loaded in a Lamy mechanical pencil and was CONSTANTLY breaking the tip, even on simple underlines this lead was breaking way more than it should especially given that I'm not using a heavy hand.
I have these leads in...
October 16, 2014
Verified Purchase
I have these leads in non-repro blue, blue, green and red with the lead the same color as the pencil. For the price they are excellent leads, produce a consistent line, and perform flawlessly. My only complaint is that it appears that UNI is discontinuing the red, green, blue and non-repro blue leads. I can get them in 0.7 mm leads but that is too wide a line.
these are really good,...
February 24, 2012
these are really good, the lead doesn't break and erases well in comparison to the steadler mars lead i used (they were the only ones available in the shop
This is not erasable!...
December 17, 2011
This is not erasable! I tried to erase with my Boxy, my Pilot Foam, and just the end of a yellow wooden pencil. I am not impressed
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I got this to use with...
September 14, 2010
Verified Purchase
I got this to use with one of my 0.5 lead pencils, which is the kuru toga (plastic body) which promises less lead breakage... and tried it in my rotring 800, I get constant lead breakage inside right at the advancing mechanism... I ordered the uni ball red pencil supposedly "made for this color lead" and ill see how it works out. I dont know any lead that breaks so often... But it writes pretty awesome and erases fairly well. I also just ordered a while collection of eno neox to try out.

Trying to get some color pencils to color coordinate my diagrams and notes for school!

I think the best pencil for this type of lead is one where there is minimal play between the advancing mechanism and the sleeve / tip of the pencil, any flex will introduce internal breakage which will cause clogging.

3 stars for a great red lead for writing / doodling...
-2 stars for constant and consistent lead breakage.
I use the red, blue,...
March 14, 2010
Verified Purchase
I use the red, blue, and green leads from this line to make color coordinated notes in school. These colored leads are best erasing leads I have found thus far, but if left in direct sunlight will fade very fast. These seem about as strong as the Pentel Ain leads available here, but those do not erase nearly as well.
My only complaint against the green is that I wish it wrote a little darker the first time around and would gladly accept a softer/faster wearing lead for it.
The blue has stayed strong and written dark - no complaints whatsoever.
The red writes dark enough, but the leads that were in my pencil seemed to get dry and brittle after a while (causing numerous pencil jams). However, the red leads that were left at home in my desk drawer did not get dry and brittle so this leads me to believe that the brittleness may be caused by heat from being left in the car.
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