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March 26, 2010
My favorite. One side...
Verified Purchase
My favorite. One side is small tip for smaller lines and it variates good from thin (face tip at 90 degree angle) to thicker lines by decreasing the angle of the tip and offcourse vary the pressure on paper. The thicker end i use for quick fill in of larger black areas eg, dark hair etc..Note that the small cap fits nicely on the tip of larger cap when using it. Very, very nice brush pen. It is easier to use than Pentel brush pocket pen, but I like both of them depending on my mood.

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October 29, 2014
The fine side is great....
Verified Purchase
The fine side is great. It's what I've been looking for in a pocket size brush. The medium is only so-so; Pilot's soft medium nylon tip is the best I've found in this category for flexibility and durability, but is impossible to refill more than once. I'd love it if I could find a refillable nylon tipped, double sided pocket brush designed to be refillable, that had Uni's fine and Pilot's medium brushes. Until someone makes what I'd really love, this is a good compromise.

October 30, 2012
I love the small size...
Verified Purchase
I love the small size more than the big side..XD But after using a few times, the tip becomes fluffy...
at the beginning it creates really graphic like smooth and beautiful line, but as you use it more often the tip seems to get tired easily..xD Is a good pen overall plus worth the price, I suppose if you use it to write chinese letter os japanese letter would look good, I use it to draw so it's different views.. XD

February 8, 2012
Pro: Great feel, Light,...
Verified Purchase
Pro: Great feel, Light, Double Tipped, Ink does not bleed on Moleskine or Cardstock, Comparatively inexpensive, Brush control is easy, treat it like a brush and it will behave like a brush.

Mid: Ink is not dark, feels like diluted black watercolor this can be a pro or con, shows pen lines below ink with one coat.

Con: May take a few passes over a certain area to soak every fiber and obtain a pure black, but depending on the use this may not be a con

I can't speak for ink capacity, I've only done a few heavy sketches with it so far with no complaints, but I would think this will run out quickly if you're looking for an immediate black and have to go over an area multiple times.

Overall this is a nice sketching brush pen but I would choose something maybe a little darker for your final pieces unless you want a sketchy feel.

May 3, 2011
Lovely thick flexible...
Verified Purchase
Lovely thick flexible brush for big writing, and the small brush is nice too - although it takes a bit of getting used to for someone with small handwriting like mine. LOVE this pen!

May 15, 2009
I ordered one of these...
Verified Purchase
I ordered one of these on a whim and fell in love. It's great for both quick loose sketching and comic book inking, something I do a ton of. The ink is nice and thick, goes on smooth. It is slow to dry but once you get used to working with it it's not a problem. The tip is precise enough to do fine line work without the need for a brush and inkwell. Please restock this item, when you do I'll order a ton of them!

January 6, 2009
I bought this exact pen...
I bought this exact pen when I was in Japan and I fell in love with it, immediately. I've used it with Copic Markers, you just have to let it dry for a good while so it can stay on the paper.

It writes smoothly, it feels solid while still feeling light and the ink. Augh. It's nice and dark.

I love the fact that it's got two sizes. Be warned, I've accidentally gotten the smaller cap stuck in the larger cap 'cause I didn't click the smaller lid shut all the way. It was a little frustrating to get back out. But that was just my mistake.

It's a nice pen if you're just wanting something simple.

September 20, 2008
ok I give it one more...
Verified Purchase
ok I give it one more star as there is a fine tip end. The fine tip end is so camouflaged that I keep forgetting it exists. While it makes for a versatile pen, it's not precise enough for manga drawing unless you're going for a rugged look.

July 17, 2008
not water resistant and...
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not water resistant and precise enough for a technical artist
feels good to carry around but as good as any other normal brush pen out there

April 3, 2011
The ink isn't very dark,...
Verified Purchase
The ink isn't very dark, the smaller cap is practically invisible, so it's easy to forget that it's even there. The bigger tip is absolutely HUGE and it's impossible to get a small line with it, and the smaller tip is very pressure sensitive. I only recommend this to VERY light handed people.