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Slightly misleading,...
April 10, 2009
Slightly misleading, the eraser is actually only 5mm wide, not 10mm. Unless they were talking about the tube itself which just seems odd. If you notice the print at the top of the tube says medium which means there probably is a large version that has a standard 10mm eraser in it. Would be fantastic if Jet Pens carried it!

Soft eraser, easy to erase slim lines, dark lead tends to build up fast on the eraser and smudge so I recommend using a harder=lighter pencil lead 2H-4H if you want to use this eraser regularly. Solid construction, simple mechanism, I like the fact it is see through and that you get a good amount of refills for a fair price...
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I am an engineering major,...
February 7, 2011
Verified Purchase
I am an engineering major, and naturally I'm doing a lot of math all the time. This is great for fixing all those little mistakes. The eraser quality is much better than other similar erasers. Mine gets used a lot as my go to pencil is a kuru toga and we all know the erasers on them aren't worth...
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This has to be the best...
March 13, 2011
Verified Purchase
This has to be the best eraser I have ever used. Great value and excellent product. I highly recommend it.
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I use this eraser a lot...
March 18, 2011
Verified Purchase
I use this eraser a lot since I use a Kuru Toga and those erasers are so tiny I would have to buy a ton, because I erase quite a bit. Good price and the refills are also at a good price. This is a great eraser.
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I've had this eraser...
April 3, 2013
Verified Purchase
I've had this eraser for awhile now. The eraser is stiffer than other varieties and erases big blocks of text with ease. I have never torn a page(knock on wood) with this eraser unlike other mass market brands I've used. Overall I think this is a great value and would buy it again.
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Erases very well. I've...
September 23, 2012
Verified Purchase
Erases very well. I've been using this E-Knock for a week already and I love how cleanly it erases. It's a nice eraser to use with my KuruToga which doesn't have the best eraser included on it. My problem with this eraser is that the black piece where the eraser comes out, the tip at the bottom, comes off so easily. I can't tighten it or turn it to prevent the black piece from coming off. This is very annoying and I'm hoping I will not lose the tip one day if it falls off when I'm unaware. If it weren't for this little problem, this eraser would be perfect.
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This eraser is incredible....
April 9, 2015
Verified Purchase
This eraser is incredible. I have been using this eraser lately, and it erases almost immediately after it is applied to the lead. Because I have a very light writing hand, I use '4B' lead, and this eraser can take care of that with ease. The clip accidentally was pulled off of this eraser, and I immediately came back to jetpens and ordered another. I love this eraser and I would recommend it to anyone that is a student (like me), or even a professional.
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I love this little handy...
April 25, 2014
Verified Purchase
I love this little handy thing, but i was surprised at how slim the eraser was. I don't mind the thin eraser, it erases perfectly in between the lines. I bought 2 just in case 1 broke, and a pack of the dust-gathering eraser refills (they fit in this model perfectly). I highly recommend this, but be sure you know if a 5mm diameter eraser is either a pro or con for you.
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great idea. I want to...
August 16, 2013
Verified Purchase
great idea. I want to like this eraser because of the design and size, but, as another reviewer pointed out, the female threads on the clear end where the black tip screws in have cracked. This makes the tip very loose, the eraser just recedes back into the body when you try to use it. I have though about trying to glue the threads back together so I can use the rest of the eraser. I have not abused this product.... I think it is just inferior plastic that was used. Won't be buying again -at least until the product is upgraded or something.

Will jet pens replace this item?
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Let me start off by saying...
August 9, 2012
Verified Purchase
Let me start off by saying that I love this product. It erases very well, handling it is a pleasure. The only downside I have is that the barrel (where the thread is) has already developed 2 cracks, so if you erase at a certain angle the black tip falls off.

I don't erase hard, and it has remained in a backback that is lined and not very flexible. Not entirely sure how it happened. But I would definately buy it again and would recommend it to anyone looking for a clean eraser with great functionality.
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