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March 6, 2010
The eraser erases very...
Verified Purchase
The eraser erases very well, but the mechanism that holds the eraser slips occasionally, allowing the eraser to slide back into the holder. I need to extend the eraser often to compensate. The mechanism only slips when I hold the eraser perpendicular to the paper and am pushing down hard. If you only hold the eraser at an angle to the page, friction holds it in place well and you won't have any slippage problems.

If you are considering this product, the Tombow Mono Knock 3.8 is also worth a look.

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July 18, 2012
I really love this eraser....
Verified Purchase
I really love this eraser. I've had many different kinds of erasers, and this works the best when writing essays(timed) and drawing. It erases mechanical lead better than a wooden pencil. The only problem I had was the eraser ran out fast for me! Good thing they sell the refills!

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May 14, 2014
It erases ok but it breaks...
Verified Purchase
It erases ok but it breaks easily.

March 14, 2014
I work in pencil, so...
Verified Purchase
I work in pencil, so I'm constantly erasing, and this eraser has become my favorite. It erases smoothly and removes pretty much all markings. It's sleek, sturdy, and I like that it does NOT have a rubber grip because I'm allergic to rubber. The price is a great deal, and I'll surely be getting more!

November 22, 2012
This is a pretty good...
Verified Purchase
This is a pretty good stick eraser except for one thing; don't ever take the tip off. If you do and then put it back you might start a small hairline body crack that will eventually cause the tip to fall off. I fixed mine with crazy glue and its fine now, except for the cracks! For the price its very hard to fault and I would buy yet another (have two already).

April 25, 2012
I use this all the time...
Verified Purchase
I use this all the time when I am sketching. I have none of the slippage issues and have always found the performance to be perfectly within the range of what I am expecting.

I have used this to erase pencil lines that have been inked over already and almost never have an issue with the eraser streaking the ink (after a bit of drying time). It doesn't pick up too much in the way of residue either, which is very nice as I don't need to "clean" it too much on my jeans.

Highly affordable as well. I've had mine for well over a year and I still haven't needed to use a refill. I might just be stingy, but I can't tell.

August 28, 2010
Love this eraser! All...
Verified Purchase
Love this eraser! All the convenience and maneuverability of the ubiquitous "Clik-Erase" but with an excellent eraser - soft touch, clean erasure, so perfect!

June 15, 2010
Love this eraser, used...
Verified Purchase
Love this eraser, used it a lot when I was classically animating

November 7, 2009
This is an AWESOME eraser,...
This is an AWESOME eraser, but the spring of mine keeps popping out so I use the Mono Knock 3.8 now.

April 10, 2009
Slightly misleading,...
Verified Purchase
Slightly misleading, the eraser is actually only 5mm wide, not 10mm. Unless they were talking about the tube itself which just seems odd. If you notice the print at the top of the tube says medium which means there probably is a large version that has a standard 10mm eraser in it. Would be fantastic if Jet Pens carried it!

Soft eraser, easy to erase slim lines, dark lead tends to build up fast on the eraser and smudge so I recommend using a harder=lighter pencil lead 2H-4H if you want to use this eraser regularly. Solid construction, simple mechanism, I like the fact it is see through and that you get a good amount of refills for a fair price.

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